An Article by Renegade Expressions


An Article by Renegade Expressions


I read this yesterday, on Renegade Expressions blog, and was so impressed by the wise words of the poem, I wanted to share it. I tried to re-blog, but for some reason it wouldn’t work right, so here I’ve copied and pasted it here. I was given permission from the author to share the poem.

You can find Renegade Expressions blog by clicking this link:



Few people dare to venture to The Other Side.

The rest seem brainwashed by the information the media provides.

Who is shaping your views?

Is it the music or the movies you go to?


Caught up in the news, the latest trends and hype,

With no knowledge of the unseen hand controlling your lives.

The devil is in the details, but the devil isn’t real.

Who wants to be a millionaire? Who wants to make a deal?


Matriculated with hopes of getting an education, graduated, then found out you were played by these schools.

Wallowing in debt, an educated fool, robot, and slave.

Could have invested in yourself with all that money you would have saved.


Programmed to spend the better years of your lives, in a nine to five, stressed and unhealthy.

Living from paycheck to paycheck

Doing the most to make some fat cats wealthy.

Then retiring with little or no health care or a pension,

At least you were able to give your kids an education.

So, they can follow in your footsteps working for the man.

Zombies roaming around unable to come up with an original thought or a plan.


So, the cycle continues, hamsters on a wheel, rats in a race.

Who is going to break the chain? What’s the saving grace?

But, notice even celebrities go insane.

It’s not about what’s in your pocket, but what’s in your heart,

What’s in your water? What’s in your air?


You are not sick, you are being poisoned, my dear.

Let your food be your medicine, your doctor doesn’t care.

All he sees is dollar signs, let him prescribe you a pill,

Then watch him go crazy if you can’t pay the bill.


Your pastor can’t save you, he can’t even save himself.

You gave him all this power and your hard-earned money,

And got sold on a scheme about eternal milk and honey,

A mansion in the sky, waiting for you when you die.

While he lives in a mansion, owns luxurious cars and a private jet.

He gets his reward now, but you have to wait until death.


Slavery has long been abolished, or so we think.

Remember a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

You don’t have to be locked up to be in prison,

It’s all in your head, if they control your mind, the body is as good as dead.


Like Coolio, I am not trying to preach, but each one teach one and see how many we can reach.

Together, the ants can conquer the elephant, you know? The one in the room?

But until then, I will see you when you get there.

If you ever get there. The Other Side.



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS


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