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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 11/17

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday includes the words, so, sow, and sew. Join in the fun by clicking the above link. πŸ™‚



#SOCS starts with ‘SO’. Just noticed that.

Do you ever say ‘so-so’? Like when someone asks how you’re doing, you just answer, “I’m doing so-so.” I think that means everything is going along as normal as possible. Nothing bad, nothing good, just so-so.

I like to start sentences with theΒ  -so- word. I don’t know why, and it does become repetitive, so… I have to go back and take some of the ‘so’ words out.

Next up is the same sounding word, ‘sow’. Like when you plant seeds in a garden or flower pot. I do that a lot in the spring. I’m not good at growing plants, but I keep sowing seeds, to see what, if anything comes up. This word could also sound like a pig…sow, which sounds completely different from ‘sow’, even though it’s spelled the same way. How would you phonetically spell that? I don’t know. I just tried sounding it out, but my mouth made funny expressions, so I stopped trying to sound out ‘sow’ like a pig.

I used to do a lot of sewing. I still have a sewing machine, and get it out once in awhile. Used to you could buy fabric and a pattern to make an outfit of some kind, and it was cheaper than buying it ready-made. Last time I checked, this wasn’t the case anymore. So…I don’t sew clothes these days.

That’s about all.

Happy Weekend! πŸ™‚


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Β© 2017 BS

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  1. I say like too often and have a habit of calling starting sentences with “dude.” I think both sound very uneducated but they’re from my high school stoner days and I’ve never been able to shake them unless I make a conscious effort, which, when doing business with a client, I of course do:)

    • Sometimes I think we don’t usually notice ourselves saying those phrases over and over, but when you hear them from someone else, or even on TV, it is very noticeable and annoying. Dude is a funny one. I don’t hear it very much, so when I do, it makes me smile. πŸ™‚

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