I like making up stories using the words from a crossword game, “Words With Friends”. These words were used in random order, and are underlined in the story, and listed at the end. 🙂



Jo and Chamsthey have been friends since childhood. It was always their dream to become famous rock stars. They were always practicing their music. Both played guitar and sang songs in the school’s talent shows over the years. When they met Al and Caid, it was a true band that emerged at last.

Calling themselves Radian, they got gigs all over town. Everyone waved at them with their lighters or phone lights at their concerts. For small town boys, they managed to make a name for themselves.

Mostly, they played hard rock tunes…at least at a club called “Mires“. That venue catered to the high school kids…no booze allowed, and no one over eighteen allowed in, either. Later on, their reputation for putting on a good stage show spread to outlying towns. They got themselves a manager by the name of Tiden…well, that was his moniker, anyway. He never told anyone his real name. However, Al got a look at his driver’s liscense once; he saw Tiden’s real name was Gary.

The guys in the band had a good laugh about it, but let ‘Gary’ think he’d pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. They laughed behind his back, called him a ho and a sap, but he got them good venues to play, so eventually, they put a halt to the jokes.

As they all went on to attend the state college together, they continued to play their rock and roll, blowing out a few fuse boxes here and there.

All was going along great for awhile, and they were of a legal drinking age by now. This did cause problems…mostly squabbling between the band members. They all wanted top billing, and that put them at odds.

One night, after drinking too much gin, Caid and Jo had a fight. Backstage, before a show, they came to blows. It seems Tiden had received a telefax from a record company, wanting to sign Radian to a record deal. Tiden decided to hide it, and not tell anyone.

This night, however, at a club called “Kane“, Jo was going over their playlist from A to Zee, when he saw the communication stuck in Tiden’s briefcase. He almost got caught looking at it, when Tiden walked in unexpectedly, but Tiden only shooed Jo out of the office.

Jo promptly showed the others. That started the beef between them. The contract mentioned who would be primarily featured in their concerts and publicity pictures. Jo and Chams would be at the forefront, while Caid and Al would be only in the background.

A brawl ensued, which sent them all to the ER. The nurse put a ton of emu oil on their cuts and bruises, and only a lowly bandage for Chams’ lacerations on both sides of his jaws.

They eventually worked out their differences, by setting a trap for Tiden. They held his veg salad hostage, until he told them the truth about the record company. Tiden admitted he did wrong…he wasn’t anti success, but he was afraid he’d lose his meal ticket, as manager of the band, when they moved into the big time of the national spotlight. As he confessed, the guys, in unison, yelled and pointed at Tiden, telling him he was fired.

As Tiden left the building, Jo, Chams, Al, and Caid high fived, then called the record company, ultimately being signed to a four record deal, tours, and rotating top billing. This was acceptable.

They went on to become one of the most popular and beloved groups, from that day to the present time. Radian made history, and brought them all fame and fortune. Just like they’d envisioned all those years ago.


Words used from crossword game are underlined.

jo                           chams                           they                     been

rock                       al                                   caid                     emerged

radian                   waved                           boy                      hard

mires                    ti                                     wool                   ho

sap                        halt                                roll                      fuse

gin                         tele                                fax                       hide

kane                      zee                                 shoo                    beef

in                           er                                   puts                     ton

emu                       jaws                               anti                     trap

veg                        den


Hope you enjoyed my silly crossword story!

Peace, Love, & Laughter!

Thanks for visiting! }i{

© 2017 BS


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