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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS and #JusJoJan Jan. 28/17


Today is a combo of the Just Jot It January & Stream of Consciousness Saturday challenges. The topic to use is the word ‘wood or would’.


Would you believe I like to do wood burning? I like to make designs in wood, with the hot styling tool, whatever you call it. It has different tips to use for different designs you might want to try, even for writing words. I got my first wood burning set when I was a kid. I guess, back then, it wasn’t considered a dangerous toy for a kid to mess around with. I don’t remember getting burned by it. I have done some projects fairly recently, too. I do like the smell of the burning wood.

We don’t have a fireplace, so we don’t burn any wood that way. We have burned mesquite wood on the grill, though. That smells really good, too, and gives the food a nice flavor.

Here’s a song I remember hearing many times in the past. It’s about a wooden heart. This one is from 1961, sung by Joe Dowell. It was a cover of the song done by Elvis Presley, in 1960. I think this is the one I remember hearing the most. 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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