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Introduced in 1890, by Elijah Bond, as a harmless parlor game, the Ouija board has gained quite the negative reputation. It is a flat board, with numbers, letters, yes, no, sun, and moon, and good-bye, printed on it. A person/persons use a planchette to put their hands on, expecting the board to move the device around the board to spell out answers to the questions it’s been asked. Is this some sort of magic? Is it demonic? Is it just, as stated, a simple parlor game for kids?

I don’t know. Some people swear it is evil…that it opens a portal to the underworld and calls forth demons. Despite the warnings, the Ouija board game can still be purchased at toy stores today.

I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. Me and my friends played it all the time, with no ill effects. We’d ask silly questions…and it would move the planchette we had our hands on…and give us an answer. Most times it was right, and for a fact, we were not making it move. I don’t know how it works, but it does.

One question I asked it was, would I get a dog? It said yes. I asked when? It said January. (this was back in the fall). Sure enough, come January, I did get a puppy. I named him Dusty, and he was an awesome dog, who lived with us for many years.

Later on, my own kids were playing with a friend’s Ouija board, when they hollered, all excited, that they’d contacted a spirit called Seth. When I heard that, I made them stop, and told them the story I’d read about Seth.

It is written in a series of books, called “Seth Speaks”, by Jane Roberts. Her and her husband claimed they’d contacted the discarnate entity of Seth, and he was speaking through her. Her husband transcribed all she spoke, as Seth, and they wrote every dialog down in the book series. One of the main topics of the writings is, as Seth told them, that each individual creates their own reality.There is much, much more.

So, when the kids said they’d contacted Seth, I told them this and they put it away, never to play it again.


For more information on Ouija boards and the Seth books, go to…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seth_Material

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      • Ghost, did you mean me? You think I’m pretty mean? I reacted to what I thought to be a joke by another commenter. Now you blame me. Please delete my comment, will you? I don’t think it’s harmless and I don’t think you do either, because you made your children stop playing with it. But it’s none of my business, so just delete my comment. Thanks in advance.

      • Oh, no!! I accidentally got my reply in the wrong order. I was saying the spirit he contacted was being mean to him by what it said on the board. I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding, and it was all my fault. I liked what you replied and agree with you that it was spiteful. I appreciate so much, your comments, and will remove it if you wish. I’m taking mine off now. Please forgive me for the error.

      • I still think it was only my predessor’s joke, and although I usually abhor profanity, it made me laugh.

  1. I have always wanted to read Seth Speaks. I think that’s one I need to get on my TBR this year.

    I used to play with my Ouija board every Halloween. Then my willing friends had babies and took to sleeping in the witching hour LOL

    • You’re the first person who ever said they’d heard of those books! Guess your friends needed to get some sleep whenever they could, what with babies. I know how that goes. Did you ever have anything weird happen with the board you had?

      • Did you read all the Seth books?
        No, I mean, not for a Ouija board. It knew things, and sometimes it didn’t answer. Nothing profound or creepy. I agree you never know what you’re dealin with, so they can be dangerous.

      • I actually found the books hard to get through and understand what they were saying about it all. So, no I didn’t. The above link explains it better what was going on. 🙂 It was fun asking silly questions on our board, but that was before I learned more about what could happen, and that was just too scary.

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