This is 'Weena' ...she teleports herself!


“Silly Kitty”

My cat would come a’Kramering

She looked a silly sight

Just like Seinfeld’s friend on

That TV show at night

Her fur would be all poofy

Standing up on end

Her expression was all goofy

Maybe for pretend?

Slipping & sliding on the hardwood floor

She’d come a’Kramering in, right through the door

We’d laugh because she looked a fright,

So again she would run, far out of sight

In no time at all she’d be back for more

A’Kramering through the bedroom door.


for dVerse Poets – Open Link Night … post any poem of your choice. Find out more and join in by clicking this link.

and for dVerse Poetics – Verbify Me … the creation of a verb from a noun, adjective, or other word.

Thanks Grace and Lillian for hosting! πŸ™‚


My word to verbify was ‘Kramer’, who was a character on the television sit-com, “Seinfeld”, and was portrayed by Michael Richards. That program ran from 1989-1998. This word is one we use often, even now.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Β© 2017 BS

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    • I don’t know if it is just our family, but we do this a lot when talking. This was just the first one I thought about. It was fun doing a poem about a true happening. πŸ™‚

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