#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 16th/17


I found these questions on Facebook. I don’t know who started it, but the questions are different and fun. So, here goes! 🙂




55 Questions You’ve Probably Never Been Asked.

1. First thing you wash in the shower?


2. What color is your favorite hoodie?

Orange, black, brown, with tigers

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?


4. Do you plan outfits?

No, I wear jammies all day, unless I go somewhere. Then it’s most always the same – black pants, tiger hoodie

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?

Ok except limping when I walk

6. What’s the closest thing to you that’s red?

My coffee cup is right in front of me

7. Tell me about the last dream you had…

Maybe the one where someone was telling me about a yard sale we should go to

8. Did you meet anybody new today?


9. What are you craving right now?

Chocolate cupcake … they are in the kitchen calling to me 🙂

10. Do you floss?

No (dentures)

12. Dream job?

Get paid for reading my choice of books, and/or coloring

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Vietnamese or Korean egg rolls or Lumpia…so good, and I make them with cabbage in there

13. Have you ever counted to 1,000?

Doubt it. If I did I’d get all mixed up and give up…I have dyscalculia

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?


15. Do you like your hair?

Yes, but wish it was thicker

16. Do you like yourself?


17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?

Yes, if he was paying for a fabulous meal, and I could invite some more people

18. What are you listening to right now?

The TV is on…American Pickers

19. Are your parents strict?

They weren’t

20. Would you go sky diving?


21. Do you like cottage cheese?


22. Have you ever met a celebrity?


24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in?

Of course! Just by looking up on the shelf in front of me I see sparkly bat wings!

25. What state were you born in?


26. Have you made a prank phone call?

Yes, when younger we did a lot. We even recorded them

27. Ever been on a train?

Yes, in Germany and Japan

28. Brown or white eggs?


29. Do you have a cell-phone?


30. Do you use chap stick?


31. Do you own a gun?


32. Can you use chop sticks?


33. Who are you going to be with tonight?

Husband and cats are always here

34. Are you too forgiving?


35. Ever been in love?


36. What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow?

I have no friends

37. Ever have cream puffs?


38. Last time you cried?

When I laughed or yawned

39. What was the last question you asked somebody?

Do you want lunch?

40. Favorite season?


41. Do you have any tattoos?

Yes 3

42. Are you sarcastic?


43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?


44. Ever walked into a wall?

All the time

45. Favorite color?


46. Have you ever slapped someone?

I don’t think so

47. Is your hair curly?

Nope, straight as a board

48. What was the last CD you purchased?

Miranda Lambert’s newest one (for a gift)

49. Do looks matter? In what area?


51. Is your phone bill sky high?


52. Do you like your life right now?


53. Do you sleep with the TV on?


54. Can you handle the truth?


55. Do you have good vision?

No. Always wore glasses, now tri-focal, still can’t see very good,

and have glaucoma



Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2017 BS

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  1. This was most definitely an interesting list of questions, Barbara. Thanks for sharing them. I got a list of 50 questions thanks to Cee’s SYW post, so maybe I’ll just combine this list with that one and have a huge post. 🙂

    I am not at all surprised by your answer to #31. This is Texas, after all. haha My mother-in-law’s most recent late husband had a scary but funny story that he told us once. These boys were trying to carjack him. They got up at his window, and out came his huge gun. Suddenly, they started screaming, “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!” They then remembered that they had somewhere else they needed to be. 🙂 Never, ever, try to carjack a Green Beret!

    My daughter loves bats, too.

    The quote with the kitty picture is great. Have a blessed evening!

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I thought these questions were pretty fun to answer, and a bit different, too. That was a good story about the carjackers…haha, wasn’t what they bargained for when they held up the wrong guy with a gun of his own! 🙂 …Yeah, I still have some Halloween stuff sitting around, like the bat, and a black raven. I never get tired of Halloween. ..:)

      • You’re welcome. I asked David about the carjacking further. He said the guys blocked Pa Pete in, stopping one of their cars in front of his and one in the back so that he couldn’t move his car. Exactly, what they got wasn’t what they bargained for. They sure didn’t get his car and probably had to go change their underwear, too. haha

        Our daughter has bats and skulls all over the place. I think bats are adorable and like skulls pretty well myself. But, my favorite part of Halloween is the candy. 🙂

      • Wow, that carjacking story was intense. Glad it turned out ok, Could have been much worse. I like skulls too. I got a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas with the picture of Mexican sugar skulls. Yep, Halloween is a good excuse to eat a bunch of candy! And, I do! 🙂

    • Thanks. I use eye drops for the glaucoma. Hope it is helping. My granny had it also, but caught it kind of late, so she lost a lot of her vision. I hope your eye/vision problems can be cleared up soon, also. xo

      • Thank you. I hope that your eye drops are helping, too. How often do you have to go to the doctor to get your eyes checked since you have glaucoma? I’m sorry that your granny had it, too. How well did she adapt to losing her sight? I hope she was okay. Sometimes when I think about losing my vision, I go into total freak mode and feel very, very angry.
        Have a blessed evening. 🙂

      • I guess the eye drops are helping. It hasn’t changed in a long time. I was going like every 6 months, but haven’t in awhile. Need to one of these days. Kept having trouble with my new glasses lens the last time. I just could not see out of them, even though they said the RX was right. Turns out they’d made the lens reversed..the right one was put on the left side, and the left was put on the right. Finally figured it out, and they re-did them. 🙂 I’m not sure how my granny did. That was when we were out of the country and moving here and there. I just heard about it from my dad.

    • Lumpia is so good! We first knew of them when in Japan. A friend of ours, who was Vietnamese, showed me how to make them. They turn out great, but I make them huge, so look more like burritos! I should make some soon, but it takes a good 2 to 3 hours solid, to get them from start to finish. Worth it, though. 🙂

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