#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 13th/17

The Just Jot It January 13th prompt, brought to you by Charlene Bullard of FaithtoRaiseNate.com, is: “Hospital.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Charlene as well! Here’s her blog: http://faithtoraisenate.com/ .


The prompt word today for the triple J challenge is ‘hospital’.

Don’t really know what to say about hospitals. They are necessary, but I don’t like going to one. The doctors and nurses are trained to take care of any and all emergencies and illnesses, so that is very good to know. Still, I don’t like going, because there are people spreading their germs around everywhere. I make sure to use hand sanitizer wipes or liquid after I touch anything at all, like elevator buttons, chair arms, door knobs, etc. I don’t even begin to grab a magazine to read. Who knows what germs are on there. I bring my own reading material.

I’ve been in the hospital for lifesaving surgery more than once. I like that if you need it, it is there, and if they can’t fix whatever is wrong, they’ll send you to another, with maybe more trained doctors. That happened before. I had to go to Dallas for more in depth care.

Our hospitals here are pretty big. Whenever we go for something, even to visit someone there, we usually get lost. I like the smaller clinics better.

Another thing that I’ve always wondered about is how people from different places say this… I had to go to the hospital…and, I had to go to hospital. We always put the word ‘the’ in there.

That’s about all I have to say about hospitals.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. We do always add The. Here, we add The to almost everything. I’ve been told it’s an Indiana thing, but other people do it. I guess in Cincinnati, they add ‘s to everything. So we shop at Kroger, calling it The Kroger, and they call it Kroger’s. Heh.

    I’m with you on hospitals. I like the part where when you’re a patient, they bring you tea and coffee and orange juice constantly, but I don’t like hospitals and the hospital germs freak me out. *shudders*

    • haha ‘the Kroger’s” 🙂 I think mostly we just give places funny nick-names, but we all know what and where we’re talking about. Like… Wally World for Wal-Mart, Micky-Ds for McDonald’s, and our grocery store is ‘United”, but we call it ‘the New Nited’, because another little town we lived in were building a bigger and better United. It was ‘new’ so forever more all Uniteds are the new Nited! 🙂 haha so silly…

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