Color Your World – Bittersweet

Today’s color to match is called ‘bittersweet’. This Crayola Crayon color was introduced into the box in 1949, and is of the color hue orange.


Bug (spider?) on brick wall


Colorful suds at the car wash

img_4908 1024x768-bittersweet-solid-color-backgroundIMG_2225


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    • I don’t think it was a black widow, even though we’ve had some around here. Mainly seen them right by the front door. This one was on the bricks by the front door, too.

      • I wonder why they like to hang out near your front door? I hope they don’t hop on you!
        We have a black spider living in our mailbox. I think it comes out to greet the mailman because every time I open it to get the mail out, it goes running over the mail to the back of the box. It goes too fast for me to be able to tell if it is a black widow or not.

      • I don’t know what it is about the front door (the side window there) but that’s where we always find them. Your mailbox spider sounds interesting. Be careful sticking your hand in there though, never know if he’s friendly or not. 🙂

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