#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 3rd/17


The Just Jot It January 3rd prompt, brought to you by Dan Antion, of the blog “No Facilities,” is: “Warning.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Dan as well! Here’s his blog: https://nofacilities.com/


Thanks, Dan, for the prompt word of the day – Warning 🙂


Mostly, when I think of the word ‘warning’, I immediately think tornado warning. Being here in tornado alley, you hear that announcement on our local news all the time in the spring. Back in 1970 I was in an F5 tornado, and it was so scary, I still have nightmares about it all these years later. So yes, I get scared when I hear about a tornado warning near us.

One time, though, I was fooled. It was a nice clear day, middle of the morning, and I was listening to my police scanner radio. Suddenly I hear an urgent message about a tornado. The dispatcher and the emergency police, fire, and ambulance workers were all communicating their locations, and all the damage and injuries they were taking care of. These people were intense.

I was like, what…where? Here in our city this morning? So, I run out to look at the sky, and was so confused. It was still a clear blue sky, with no sign of any storms anywhere around. I kept listening to the scanner, though. It sounded horrible what was happening. Then…I finally heard them say that this had just been a drill, a practice in case of a real emergency situation.

I was relieved it wasn’t real, but then felt silly for falling for it. 🙂


Here’s a photo of an ominous cloud that looks like a tornado close to our house. It’s not one. It was false, and needed no warning.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • I hope you are never in a tornado! It’s like they can just drop down on one house and skip the next one…so unpredictable. I’ve been through a Cat 5 Typhoon, too (in Japan) and it was not nearly as scary as a tornado. 🙂


      • Really? Then again, the Japanese are so calm. Thanks for your well-wishes Barbara. They’re getting more frequent and closer to where I live every year!


      • Good idea to refresh read about tornado safety rules. They remind us of doing that lots of times during the year around here. It does seem that the areas prone to tornadoes keeps changing slightly every so often.


  1. For some reason we didn’t have to deal with tornadoes in Chicago. They just never came nearby. Atlanta, on the other hand… if it’s been hot and humid and it starts to darken, the weather radio is going off constantly and all the TV stations go wall-to-wall weather news.


    • They do that here, too, with the wall to wall weather on our local stations. We have one guy who gets teased that he’s always making it sound more dramatic than ones on other stations. They call him ‘run for the hills, Ron’ 🙂 …I’m surprised Chicago doesn’t have more tornadoes up there. I think I saw a short youtube video once, showing how the sirens sound there. They were so eerie!


      • Those are the original air raid sirens from the Fifties. They used to test them at 10:30 every Tuesday. You could set your watch by them. In 1959, when the White Sox won the American League pennant, the fire commissioner set them off to celebrate, and everyone thought the Russians were coming.


      • Interesting history of those sirens. We used to have them here, but don’t any more. Every so often it gets brought up that we should have them again, but then someone knocks that idea down as costing too much. I’d like to have them, though.


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