Recycled Book Reading Challenge!

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It’s time for the monthly Recycled Book Reading Challenge.

This is where we take a book we’ve been meaning to read, that has been stacked up in our ‘to be read’ pile for awhile, and actually read it. I know I have a lot like that. We are to give a review of the book, one that has been bought at a discount, at a yard sale or thrift store, or any used book store. There’s where the ‘recycled’ part comes in. Giving these used books a chance can lead to some great reading. 🙂

This past month I read this one.


This is a memoir written by Mackenzie Phillips, called “High on Arrival”.

I do like reading memoirs, auto-biographies, biographies, and many kinds of non-fiction. This one was one of the most thorough I’ve read in awhile. Ms Phillips does not sugar coat any part of her life that she writes about.

If you remember, she was one of the stars of the TV sit-com, “One Day at a Time”, and appeared in the movie, “American Graffiti”. She has been acting for many years, and she tells about all of her experiences on that front…the good and the bad.

Mostly, though, she chronicles her life with her famous father, John Phillips, one of the members of the popular singing group, “The Mamas & the Papas”, and the rock and roll lifestyle she was born into. She tells how there were no rules or limits placed upon her and her brother, and drug use was an everyday routine. She goes into great depth describing her days as a hard core, drug addicted junkie. Her relationships suffered, her jobs as an actress were compromised, and honestly, she seems surprised to have lived through it all.

If you are squeamish about depictions of sexual abuse, and horrendous drug use episodes, then I would recommend this book be for Mature Readers only!!

I am glad Ms Phillips has gotten her life back together, these days, and hope she continues in the future.

This book was published in 2009, by Gallery Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc. It can be found on Amazon.


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