Here’s how my first day of January of the new year of 2017 has started out…and it’s not quite noon here.

Sniffling through the 3rd cold I’ve had lately, with all the yucky symptoms.

Sleepy and exhausted from all the symptoms.

Spent some time staring at my fingernails. I need to re-paint them, as the manicure I got over Christmas has bit the dust.

Hit the wrong button on phone, which posted a bunch of photos accidentally, then had to fix that by trashing it all.

Broke computer yesterday. Got frustrated that the thing freezes up so much, so I kept punching the on/off switch until it completely broke apart. Just lucky I can still use it, by finagling another way.

Got some of my posts drafted yesterday, so not much work to do on them today. Yay!

It’s 55 and sunny outside, so that’s nice.

Got all new calendars put up …kittens in the kitchen, birds in a bedroom, fairy houses in bathroom, and my favorite is right in front of me at my desk here. It’s a Lisa Frank artwork calendar, and is so cute! šŸ™‚ See…here it is!


Anyway, hope the rest of the day goes along ok.

I need to get some black-eyed peas to eat, though, as it is a new year’s tradition here. Not sure why, but maybe for luck in the year to come?

Hope your day has been easy and peaceful. Wishing you all the best in 2017! šŸ™‚


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Ā© 2017 BS



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  1. Gurl you take it easy…lol..sorry to hear about you not feeling good and the computer and….lol..not laughing at ya …
    Yes black eyed peas and ham are already cooking…started about an hour ago…family tradition here too..
    love the calendar too…oh and I need to paint my nails too..I do them myself…yeah I am cheap lolol…wasn’t bad when they used to grow but these days they just peel and flake off in layers …so short it is…

    • Thanks, Suzette! I’m sure I’ll make it through the cold pretty soon. haha your black eyed peas and ham sounds better than ours. We just got a can of them to open, and an already cooked chicken and potato salad for supper. I got some new nail polish for Christmas, so really should get in there and fix my fingers! haha! Oh, mine are and have always been short…much easier. šŸ™‚ xo

  2. Happy New Year and hope you feel better soon. I could sure live in your neck of the woods at 55 degrees…although it is mild here for January at 26 but still. I always felt that when we get a few days of bitter cold like minus 20, it kills all the germs in the air. I may be wrong but it is perhaps my way of accepting gawd awful cold spells.

    • Happy New Year! Yes, today is nice, but it’s like a roller coaster around here. I hear the next few days will be below freezing for the highs. Maybe that’s true that the cold freezes out the germs…I definitely need that to happen! šŸ™‚

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