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JUST JOT IT JANUARY – 1/31/17 – LAST DAYjjj-2017

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 31st/17

The Just Jot It January 31st prompt, brought to you by Lorraine of My Frilly Freudian Slip, is: “Detritus.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to Lorraine as well! Here’s her blog:


This is the last day of the Just Jot It January Challenge for this year. It was fun to take part last year, and just as much fun this year. I want to thank Linda G. Hill for hosting this challenge, and also the guest hosts that helped out on some of the days. Thanks to everyone who provided a prompt word to work with, and Yay for all who participated in the challenge.


The prompt word today is ‘detritus’. What does this mean? I’ll be back in a minute to let you know (I have to look it up). … Well, seems detritus means a lot of different things, like useless trivia, odds & ends, falling/breaking apart, remains that are left behind, loose material, and something about geology and rocks. What will I say about that?

You could say, this challenge has been a lot of odds & ends. Everyone has been posting their ideas on what each days prompt word means to them. That’s what I like about this challenge. So many different ideas on a single word! What remains is all the things we’ve learned about by reading each others posts, whether the prompt word was used or not. Now, we are done with the daily prompts, and are breaking apart to do our own things on our blogs. Hopefully, we’ve been entertained, and made some new friends. I know I have. 🙂

Happy Blogging! 🙂



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COLOR YOUR WORLD – SHADOW cyw-2017-badge

Color Your World – Shadow


Today’s color to match is called ‘Shadow’. The Crayola people say it is in the green family of hues. I don’t see it. I don’t even see how the color sample they provide, on most of these colors, have anything matching to the actual crayon that they make. Shadow looks gray, to me, and the color sample looks dark brown. 🙂


img_5046 img_5106  IMG_2269 DSC00138 img_4223


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CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD – 1/30/17 sywbanner

Share Your World – January 30, 2017


Time for more questions from Cee, and answers from me! You, too, can join in the fun, by clicking the above link to find out how, and also see other entries. 🙂


What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?

Have to think about this one. I love seeing the sky, day or night, and especially from a plane’s window, as we fly through the air and clouds. I also love caves. I’ve been to Carlsbad in New Mexico a couple of times, and it is awe inspiring, with all the formations. Another cave I’ve been in is Inner Space, which is near Austin, TX, and has beautiful formations in there, also. Other wonderfully inspiring places I’ve been are the Rocky Mountains, and the Gulf of Mexico by Corpus Christi, and the Lincoln National Forest in NM. I’ve also seen Mt. Fuji in Japan, from a distance.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order? 

I have one younger sister.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

Flip flops. I wear them year round. They are comfortable, and easy on and off.

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Probably the most weird things I’ve eaten would be frog legs (fried) and escargo (snails) with butter sauce to dip them in. I liked them both, and would eat them again.


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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 30th/17

The Just Jot It January 30th prompt, brought to you by John Holton of The Sound of One Hand Typing, is: “Blue.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to John as well! Here’s his blog: .



** img_4888 img_4533 img_4237 IMG_3754 IMG_3752



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Warning…adult content



# 111

warning…adult content


Ghost stayed at the table awhile longer, dozing off. He was awakened by Steve calling for him. Going into the bedroom, Steve asked, “You ok?”

“Yeah, guess so. What do you need? I’ll get it for you.”

“Um…this is kinda awkward,” Steve said, ” but, I need you to help me up. I gotta go use the bathroom.”

Ghost grinned, “Ya want me to…”

“No…just help me in there. I can do the rest by myself…jeeze…” Steve laughed.

So, Ghost helped him onto his crutches, and watched him hobble down the hall. He straightened Steve’s bed, and brought some water and his medicine.

“You’re supposed to take these,” Ghost reminded Steve, when he returned. “It’s been a long time since you had any.”

“Yeah, I guess it is time.” Steve took the pills. “I’m tired of laying in the bed, now. Maybe I can sit on the couch and prop up my leg. Grab a pillow, will ya?”

Ghost got the pillow, and a blanket, and helped Steve get comfortable in the living room.

“Can you get me something to eat, too?” Steve asked. “Just a sandwich is fine.”

“Ok, I’ll get it…and, ya want to watch a movie, or something?”

“Yeah, we could do that,” Steve said.

Ghost snuggled close to Steve on the old couch, as the movie played, but they both fell asleep before it was over. Sometime in the night, they made their way to their bedrooms.


They slept until mid-morning, and were up having breakfast, when Kinsey came back to check on them. He brought Terry with him.

“Hey, guys,” Terry said, when he came in. “How’s the cripple and his cohort, this morning?”

“We did fine, Terry. Y’all get some coffee. What’s been going on?”

“Oh, you know…the usual. Things are getting back to normal after the storm, and the power’s back on everywhere. There were a couple of trees taken down, by the snow, but all in all, not too bad. Business is slow these days, though,” Terry said.

“Well,” Kinsey said, “I’m opening the club tonight…see who shows up. Terry and the guys are going to play a show for Halloween. It should be a crowd by then. Do you think you and Ghost can make it?”

“I’ll see how it goes,” Steve said, “but, yeah, we’ll probably be there. Ya want to Ghost?”

“Sure, when is it?” Ghost asked.

Steve rolled his eyes, “It’s on Halloween…uh, not this weekend, but the next.”

“Everyone can wear costumes, if they want to,” Kinsey said. “I don’t imagine R. J. will be having his usual house party, this year, being that he’ll be playing with Gumbo until late, but it should be fun.”

“Yeah, y’all should come,” Terry said. “It’ll be a great party.”

Ghost hadn’t said anything else to anyone, but went to get more coffee. While his back was turned, Kinsey mouthed silently to Steve, “How’s he doing?”

Steve shook his head and shrugged, “Still, moody,” he whispered. “I think he’s still a little sick…don’t feel good.”

Ghost turned around. “I know y’all are talking about me. I’m ok, Kinsey…I just don’t feel good. My throat is hurting again, and my head hurts real bad. But, I’ll be ok. I still have medicine to take, so…so…just ask me, ok. Don’t whisper behind me, ’cause I can hear it anyway…so, just don’t.”

“What’s eating you, Dude?” Terry asked. He hadn’t heard about the latest blow-up, yet.

They all looked at Terry, like he’d upset the balance of the universe, or something.

“What…what’d I say?” Terry asked. “You guys are all acting weird today.”

Steve sputtered an explanation of sorts…”We’re fine, it’s nothing…we’re not weird, right, Ghost?”

Ghost was disgusted with all of them. He grabbed his jacket from the back of the kitchen chair. “Fuck you all…I gotta get outta here…” He left out the back door, slamming it behind him.

Steve, Kinsey, and Terry were left with their mouths hanging open. “Dude…” Terry finally said, then decided he better leave. “C’mon, Kinsey, let’s get going. I don’t want to hear anymore.”

“Wait, y’all, don’t go, it’s ok,” Steve said.

“Steve, Ghost just needs to take a break…he’ll be back in a little while. We need to go, too, so…later, man,” Kinsey said. They left Steve sitting alone at the table.

“Well, this is just great,” Steve said to the empty room. “Leave the injured person all by himself…I see how it is…nobody cares…just go on and do your own thing, everybody. Don’t worry about ‘ol Steve…uh-uh…”

He pulled himself up from the table, and managed to get his crutches under his arms, then eased over to the window. He didn’t see Ghost anywhere in the back yard. “Well, shit…guess I’ll just go back to bed, then,” he said.

He made his way back down the hall, and got into his bed, with little trouble. “See, everyone, I did it. I didn’t need your help, anyway.” He lay back and closed his eyes.


Some time later, Steve was awakened by Ghost, barreling into the house. “Steve, Steve, where are you?”

“Back here,” Steve called out. “What the hell you making so much noise about?”

“Steve, look what I found,” Ghost said, as he came into the bedroom. He unbuttoned his jacket, and took out a tiny, black and white kitten.

Steve smiled, as Ghost handed the kitten to him. “Aww, he’s so cute…where’d ya find him?”

“I was at my grandmother’s grave, and he just walked up and got in my lap. It’s just like the one I found in that motel in Tennessee, isn’t it?”

“Kinda, but this one is a baby,” Steve said, petting the kitten, as it roamed around on the bed. “Probably somebody dumped it out…didn’t want it,” he said.

“Well, maybe,” Ghost said, “but, I think my grandmother sent him to me.”

“Could be, Ghost…at least there was some reason y’all were in the same place at the same time.”

“Yeah…like it was meant to be,” Ghost said.

They laughed at the kitten’s antics, and wiggled their fingers under the blanket, to watch him pounce.

“So, are you over being in a snit, now?” Steve asked.

Ghost frowned, “What’s a snit?”

“Go look it up, word genius…you’ll learn something, today,” Steve said.

“Just tell me, already,” Ghost said.

“Fine, it means in a bad mood, pissed off, throwing a fit…like that,” Steve explained.

“Oh, well…guess that was what I was in, then, but not anymore. I still don’t feel good, but I’m not snitty now.”

Steve laughed, “Good, I had enough of your snit…” he kept laughing. Ghost got to laughing, too.

“We’re gonna keep him, aren’t we, Steve?”

“Sure, why not. He makes us laugh,” Steve said. “So what are we gonna feed him? We don’t have any cat food.”

“Should I go get some?” Ghost asked.

“Maybe tomorrow…for now just give him some lunch meat or something.”

Ghost went into the kitchen to find some.

Steve played with the kitten, while they waited. “Hey, Kitty, you put me and Ghost back in a good mood, guess you can stay.”

Ghost came back with a saucer of chopped up turkey lunch meat. “Here ya go,” he said, putting the plate in front of the cat. They watched, as he ate it all. “He sure was hungry,” Ghost said.

“What ‘cha gonna name him?” Steve asked.

“Hmm…I don’t know, yet. You got anything in mind??

“Well, when you found him, how did you feel?”

“I felt happy…he made me smile,” Ghost said.

“Ok, you weren’t feeling good, you were in a bad mood, and he came along and lifted your spirits…right?” Steve asked. Ghost nodded.

“So, we could call him Spirit,” Steve suggested.

“Yeah, I like that,” Ghost said, grinning. “Ok, then, your name is Spirit,” he said, picking up the kitten. “Do you like that?” The kitten mewed. “He said he liked his name,” Ghost said.

“Yeah, I think he does,” Steve said.

They spent the rest of the day playing with Spirit, and working on their music and writing.


Next part coming soon!

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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative liscense is taken in including them in this story. 

No harm is intended toward author, muscians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblence.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairings, religious themes, and fantasy horror.







#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 29th/17

The Just Jot It January 29th prompt, brought to you by KL Caley of new2writing, is: “History.” Use it any way you’re inspired to. And make sure you stop by and say hi to KL as well! Here’s her blog:


Today’s prompt word is ‘history’.

I took history classes in school. It was kind of interesting, but at the time I didn’t really think much about it, besides passing a test on the subjects. All that history from way back when, seemed just like it was a story someone was telling, where you take it or leave it, because it had nothing to do with ‘our’ present day activities. Now I wish I’d paid more attention.

There has been a lot of personal history for each of us. Every second we live, we are making our own timeline we can look back on with fondness or regret. Each of us have our own history unique to ourselves. However, there are many dates in our shared histories, as well. I’ve been around for quite a while, and have some memories of these:

  • the first televised Presidential Debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon ( 1960)
  • the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963)
  • the televised moon landing, and men walking on the moon (1969)
  • the assassination of John Lennon 1980)
  • Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (1986)
  • Space Shuttle Columbia disaster (2003)
  • the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center 2001)

Most of these are not good news history, but they stand out as most of the world heard about them at the time they happened.

There were many newsworthy and exciting things going on, and making history, too. I remember a time before computers and cell phones were available for general use. There were lots of new ideas in fashion and music. So much history is being made, even today, that we and those that come after us, will look back on.


This song has a lot of history in the lyrics.



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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: January 29, 2017


Paolo climbed into the cat thing and looked funny with his bottom on top, and his face on the bottom part. Next, is a decorated cake I made for election day 2000. At the time I made it that morning, no one knew what a fiasco the election would later turn out to be. 🙂

img_5092 img_5091


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Well, here I am again with a random post. I’d started doing these way back in September, then got sidetracked with other things.

This one is getting back to telling about the many jobs I’ve had in the past. I’m not even sure of the order, but this one is from when we lived in Lawton, OK.

It was at a mobile home manufacturing plant. The name of the company was “Town & Country Mobile Home Mfg. Co.”, and they built mobile homes as they say, from the ground up…from nothing but materials, to finished and for sale mobile homes.

My job was at the very end of the production line. I got to do a bit of decorating. I think my job title was probably ‘curtain hanger’. First I would have to take long, lightweight pipes, measure and cut them, and put the finishing ends onto them. These were curtain rods for the mobile homes. After doing the pipe cutting, I’d go into the home to hang them up on all the windows. I also hung up shower curtains. It was a fun job. While I was doing that, there were others in there doing some cleaning up of any dust and debris left from the making of the home. For some reason they would use this cleaning substance that smelled really good to me. I asked what it was, and they told me it was Naptha. I didn’t know what that was, but now I’ve looked it up. Seems, it is used as a cleaning fluid, among other uses, such as soap making. However, it is a petroleum product, and can be dangerous and flammable.

Anyway, at Christmas time the company gave everyone a big turkey to take home. 🙂

I don’t know why I left that job, but probably because we moved again, as being with the U.S Army, we moved a lot.


Photo found on Pixabay


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