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Ahhh – Christmas Decorations! They are so pretty. I love looking at all the lights, and to see how everyone decorates their houses and businesses. I’ve enjoyed the photos I’ve seen all over the social medias this year.

We used to do it up pretty good. Nothing too over the top, just the Christmas tree and some knick-knacks sitting around in the house, setting up the cards we receive, and a garland on the shelf, or something like that. For a few years we had a single row of lights or lit up icicles on the roof edge outside. We haven’t done much of any of that the past few years, though. The cats kept eating the tree branches and ribbons, and most of my ornaments I’d had were so old and damaged and worn out, it wasn’t even pretty any more. So… I got a tiny little tree to put on the shelf. Didn’t even get out all the other stuff. Haven’t even done the tiny tree in a couple of years, as we’ve been out of town.

We mostly just enjoy the tree, and decorations at our daughter’s houses. The grand kids get all excited about Christmas, and that’s what’s fun for us, to see them enjoying the holidays! 🙂


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