CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN  – DAY 21 – SNOW megans-christmas-countdown



Snow: Pretty, cold, wet, fun, dangerous

I don’t really like cold weather at all. Snow is so pretty though. It’s exciting to anticipate the first snow of the winter season. I look at it awhile, then I want it gone. I’ve sometimes caught individual snowflakes on the sleeve of my dark coat, or even taken a black sheet of construction paper outside to catch snowflakes. Wonderful to see how they are all so delicate and lacy. They all have different names too, according to how they are formed. I think a common one is called a dendrite crystal. I read a whole book about snowflakes one time.  (haha – yes, I read a whole book!) There is one by Kenneth G. Libbrecht, called “The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty”. This may have been the one I read. There are a lot of beautiful photos, and information.

Last Christmas, we had a blizzard here in our town. It was a mess for weeks. Our flights were delayed and cancelled trying to get back home. Don’t want to do that again!

There was one Christmas, maybe 1998, that we had snow on Christmas day. Well, there might have been other times, but this time was a big one, too. Just as we were opening presents that morning, these huge snowflakes started falling, and before long all outside was a winter wonderland. Then we had to drive over to my parent’s house for the get-together with family.

One of the gifts to my daughter was, at the time, a CD of the songs by Hanson, one of which was “MMMBop”. You remember that one? I liked it then, and I still do like that song. Anyway, she put it on to listen to while we continued opening gifts. It was on repeat, so we heard it over and over for quite a while. Now we call it our “MMMBop” Christmas! 🙂

Look! Here it is now!




If you want to learn more about snowflakes, here is a wonderful place for facts, photos, and frequently asked questions about it all! 🙂


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