CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN – DAY 19 – CHRISTMAS CAKE megans-christmas-countdown


Well, from the prompt I’m thinking there is a special kind of cake you have for Christmas? Would that be a fruitcake? We’ve had fruitcake either home-made or store bought during the holidays. I like them, or at least some of them. Some are too dry, yet others are too sticky. It’s hard to find one that’s just right. Sheesh, I sound like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, now. You know, porridge too hot, too cold, just right, and the beds too hard, too soft, just right? hah!

Anyway, we don’t go to any big trouble about a cake for Christmas. It’s mostly all about the pies, candy, and cookies for us. I do love an orange cake, with the orange juice glaze poured over it. Had some of that last night. My daughter and grand-daughter made one for us to have after our yummy tamale and guacamole & chips dinner. 🙂


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