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How late do I leave my Christmas shopping? It depends on several things, and each year is different. I always say I’m going to do the shopping early, but how early is that? One year I started in January, with the thought of doing a little each month. That didn’t last more than that one month. Most times we try to get going toward the end of November, or by December 1st, at least.

One year, a long time ago, we didn’t get a paycheck until Christmas Eve evening! So, that’s when we began our shopping expedition. It also started to snow, which was kind of exciting, and also a bit rare for us. There was one store that was still open that evening, so we traipsed off to find gifts for everybody, and we had a long list. Also included was all the wrapping papers, tape, tags, bows, that we’d need. We had no idea what to get for a gift for anyone, either.

The thing is, we had to hurry on two accounts. One was the store would be closing really soon, and the other was we were to be attending a Christmas Eve night party with friends, which included gift giving. Finally we got home, and frantically wrapped up every single gift. We finished the ones we had to take over to our friends house, and also the ones for the next morning at our relatives Christmas morning celebration.

Whew! We barely made it! 🙂


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  1. That’s a groovy Christmas shopping story! We had a similar experience on year, when the payday was the 23rd. I had the kids all bundled up, literally waiting for the money to hit the bank! lol

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