CALENDAR CRAZE (calendar days)


CALENDAR CRAZE (calendar days)

Here’s a re-post of one of my ‘Loco Letters’. I still go through this every year…maybe you do, too? 🙂



It’s that time of year, again. The coming end of a year, when all the calendar companies come out with their new designs. I see them displayed in all the stores, from bookstores, discount stores, grocery stores, and even kiosks in the mall. Hundreds of calendars emblazoned with the numbers of the new year ahead. Here’s my loco letter to them…


CALENDAR CRAZE (calendar daze) DSC00357 (2)

Dear Calendar Companies,

I love your calendars. Every one of them are bright, colorful, and oh, so helpful. I mean, how else would I know what the months and days are, if not for you.

The thing is, I have a problem. You may not think it is a big problem, and for you it isn’t. You can only benefit from my dilemma. You see, I like so many of your calendars, I have a really hard time choosing one to buy. I want them all.

I only need one, yet I wind up buying quite a few. It’s because the pictures of kitty cats, puppies, horses, and scenery are so pretty. Then, as I’m trying to choose, I see the trivia ones, then the joke-a-day ones, then the cartoon ones, then the ones based on all the television shows.

All of these come in different styles, too. The regular, hang on the wall types, in all sizes, the ones you put on a desk, and the small planner ones you can carry around. There is a calendar depicting every subject, and taste the buyer might want.

How are we supposed to choose? I stand there at the display, weighing one against another. Which one has the ‘prettiest flowers’, the ‘cutest cats’, the ‘funniest’ cartoons? It is impossible, I tell you.

Remember, I only need one, but in the end, I buy several. Then, at home, I try to find places to put them all…the kitchen, the bedroom, the office, the garage, the bathroom? (because, who doesn’t need to know when the next full moon occurs, while you’re -ahem- busy in there?)

All this calendar buying, I’ll admit, is good for your company, and I do enjoy looking/reading them. I suppose one way we can have an enjoyable experience in buying lots of them, is to give them as gifts to friends and family.

Then, what do you know…we can sit back and wait to receive more calendars…the ones they bought as a gift for us!


Thanks for visiting ! Peace }i{

re-post © 2016 BS

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  1. I hafta have the kind with lines. You know, like a desk calendar? I have a super cute Mary Engelbreit one this year, and often do, but when I don’t, I get those At-A-Glance ones. My mother uses At-A-Glance. I like cute things, but I just have the one calendar and way too many things on it. The worst ones are the one-day pages. Those don’t help me at all!

  2. Mary Engelbreit has some really cute ones. We usually get at least one of those page a day ones you tear off, because they have funny cartoons, or jokes or something. I’ve bought some already from the dollar store, and we get some in the mail, like the bird conservancy ones, and from the Veteran’s Admin. .. I think I got one from Avon, too. I just like them all. 🙂

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