Christmas Writing Prompt # 10 – Favorite Christmas Treat


Today’s Christmas Writing Prompt is…








This time of year is the only time we seem to have the treat of Chex Mix. I know we could make it any time we wanted to, but for some reason, we don’t. It is just a special snack at Christmas time.

They have some you can buy pre-made in a bag, but it just isn’t the same as home-made. One year I found out something the hard way. The recipe calls for butter. I didn’t have any real butter, so used margarine. Don’t do what I did! It was a big ‘ol mess of soggy cereal. Maybe that is because margarine has a high water content? I don’t know, but I had to start all over with making the Chex Mix the ‘right’ way. This second batch turned out perfect! 🙂


photo found on Pixabay


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