CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN – DAY # 11 – CHRISTMAS GAMES megans-christmas-countdown


This day’s prompt is about playing Christmas games…I think. Maybe that, and/or types of Christmas games, and/or receiving them.

Seems like someone in our family always received a game or two for a gift at Christmas. Usually they were board games…all types. Of course after all the hoop-la of the big day wound down, we would be ready to relax, have another piece of pie, and break out the new game. There would be the reading of the rules, if you hadn’t played the new one before. That would take a little while. One would read the instructions, while the others would ask more questions, or debate the need for ‘all’ the rules. Finally, it would be ready to play. Some of us were in for the long haul, from start to finish, while others got bored and wandered away to do other things, like play with their new toys.

These days, it’s about the same. I still buy games for gifts to give. We still show the little ones how it goes, and later on, the grown-ups may break out a more complicated game, or pull down an old familiar one that we all like. There will still be rules questions, drinks of our choice, and snacks in bowls on the table. If needed there will be a search for a notepad and pencil to keep a score.

I love playing Christmas games! 🙂

Do y’all like playing games at Christmas?


Here’s just a few of the games in the closet here. Probably they were all Christmas games at one time or another.


Just for fun game…can you find the peppermint candy in the game closet? 🙂 Our cat knocked it in there.   (click the photo to enlarge)



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