There are so many pretty Christmas decorations. I do like looking at them. Seems like everywhere you go this time of year, you’ll see lights, and decorations in and on all the stores around town. I do think they start a bit too early with it all, though. I was hearing songs, and seeing displays for Christmas even before Halloween.

We used to decorate inside the house, with the tree, and other decor. I liked doing it, and the kids were always excited to see the boxes of ornaments come out of storage. We’d decide which ones we’d put on the tree, and spend hours, it seemed, getting it all situated. For a few years we did put some lights on the roof edges outside, but haven’t in the last couple. We also only have a tiny little tree we put up on the TV shelf, now. No more big trees, for one reason, the cats would not leave it alone. They’d eat the fake branches and knock everything off.

These days, we just enjoy looking at the houses in the neighborhood that are lit up all festive. 🙂

Here’s an interesting Christmas decoration I found at a yard sale. I had some other ones, too, but I think they are packed away with everything else. Anyway, evidently it is from a long time ago, and the price of this Hallmark decor, was 25 cents. The instructions say to punch out the pieces, then assemble for a Santa, playing a piano. Then you stick the finished decoration onto a Christmas package. I read those instructions…hard to follow and a lot of trouble, it seems to me. 🙂 But, it is cute, right?

img_4666 img_4667 img_4668


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