CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN – DAY # 9 – CHRISTMAS COOKIES megans-christmas-countdown


This prompt is about Christmas Cookies.

I like making these, and have made a ton of them over the years. It’s been a couple of years since I have, though. They are fun to make and decorate, but it takes me, at least, all day sometimes. It is pretty messy, too, with the flour and icing, and sprinkles getting everywhere. I have lots of cookie cutters, to make all kinds of Christmas shapes.

My daughters always liked helping, too. Or at least they said they did. We’d sit at the kitchen table with all the little cups of different colored icings, put on some Christmas music, or listen to a scary radio program, and just talk and laugh.

Quite a few times, I would make up a basket of the cookies to take to the neighbors. They’d bring over here the different kinds of cookies they’d made. It was a nice cookie exchange. 🙂


Here’s a photo or two of decorating cookies! 🙂


It’s fun to make a mess!


This giant cookie broke!


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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