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Mrs. Claus ornament I’ve had for years

What does Mrs. Claus do when Santa is traveling round the world delivering presents?

Well, I don’t know Mrs. Claus personally, and I don’t believe she has a blog, so she’s not blabbing to anyone I know about what she’s going to do while the mister is out of town. I would expect that she would be exhausted, and want to take a well-deserved break.

It’s been hectic around the house for ages. She thinks Mr. Claus is a work-a-holic. He starts planning his next Christmas activities as soon as he gets back from delivering the children’s toys of this year. Now, while he is gone for the night, she wants to just relax. She did peek into the workshop, and almost fainted at the mess that was left in there. Shaking her head, she closed the door…let him clean it up. The elves will help. Right now they are having their own office Christmas party, in the basement, while the boss is away.

So now, Mrs. Claus sighs, and goes into the kitchen, to make a large cup of hot cocoa. She puts whipped cream on top, and a peppermint stick to stir the delicious drink. While it cools, just a bit, she put on her new Christmas jammies, grabs a soft blanket, and snuggles up on the couch with her cuddly kitten. Looking out the picture window, she sees it is snowing again. But, she is warm here inside the house, and her heart is warm, also, because she knows her Mr. will make all the little children’s wishes come true tonight. 🙂


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    • Thanks! I’m not real sure when I got it. I think it must have been among my mom’s decorations, and on our trees when we were young. So, it’s pretty old! 🙂 xo Hugs!!

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