This is the 2nd day’s prompt of the Christmas Countdown. It asks us to consider Christmas Ads.

I don’t really like any ads, for anything. Most are annoying and inane. Most of them would make me ‘not’ want to buy what they are advertising. When we come to Christmas ads, well, they start those way too early…especially on the TV. I know I was hearing them even before Halloween came this year. Please…wait until December at least, to air such ads. By the time the holiday approaches, I am sick of hearing them over and over.

I’m not sure about newspaper and catalog advertising, as we don’t take the home newspaper, and we never did get any catalogs. I know some store, maybe Toys’rUs, or Target, that have booklets aimed at the kiddos, with all kinds of toys for their wish list. It’s like, really? They don’t get enough toy ads anyway, what with the children’s programming and spin off toys from the TV? Seems like it’s always buy, buy, buy, all year long.

What do you think of Christmas advertising? Like them…don’t like them? 🙂


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  1. I have liked many Christmas ads, but then, after seeing them 100+ times, I come to hate the ones I used to like. I think this is true of all ads, but the holiday ones are so…prominent.

    • They sure are, everywhere you go. Besides TV and radio, they play Christmas songs over the speaker systems at all the stores. I love Christmas carols and songs, but it can get to be too much. 🙂

  2. We mostly watch TV using our PVR, so we don’t spend any time watching any commercials now. Which suits me just fine! But it did seem that the Christmas ads started pretty early this year…

    • That’s the best way, just record your programs, and fast forward through the commercials. I don’t watch much TV any more, but it is on all the time, because the mister watches. He keeps a grip on the remote, though, and as soon as an ad comes on, he’s fast about flipping the station. 🙂

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