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Weekly Weather: Spring


This week’s topic is spring.

In these photos, we have some tulips that I’d planted a long time ago. There is our dog, Bud, who has since passed on. Also, we have Paolo, our cat. At the moment he is sitting here in front of me on my desk. Last is the cowboy boot with flowers. This was at an annual luncheon, held here every March. It was named the “Mayor’s Beans and Cornbread Lunch”, and was sponsored by the local Hospice organization. Ticket sales and donations all went to Hospice to benefit those who needed this very worthy service. I went every year with my dad, and it was lots of fun. The food was good (beans, cornbread, smoked sausages, and either cake or cobbler). The mayors of all the towns/cities in the area attended. We got to meet them. Local celebrities like TV newscaster personalities, and the mayors did all the serving of the meal to the public. Another fun portion was a live band playing music up on the stage, during the whole time of the luncheon. There were door prizes, too, but we never did win anything. A silent auction was held, also. The boot with flowers and balloons (not pictured) were table decorations. This always reminds me of Spring! πŸ™‚

img_4590 img_4591 img_4592 img_4589


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    • It sure was. They still have this every March, but I haven’t been since my dad passed away. I’d be too sad to go without him along now. Hospice is such a great organization, and provided much care and help when we needed them, for both my mom and dad at the time.

    • I think I need to live where you do! From your descriptions of the area, it seems wonderful. Our ‘winter’ really gets going here in Jan. and Feb. We don’t have a lot of snow that lasts long, but it does get pretty cold. πŸ™‚ and last year for Christmas we had a blizzard!

      • Yeah, the coldest it get here is perhaps -1, -2 (Centigrade) for a day or two, maybe in January, but the flowers keep blooming and the grass is greener now than it is in the summer!

      • That sounds so good! I was looking at the coldest we’ve ever had here and it was -17F, but that was like in the 1930s. We get a lot of -1 & 2s here. Doesn’t last too long, but it’s the wind blowing makes it feel worse. Not really anything green and growing. Funny how that is…we are down here in the south, and you’re way up north of here. πŸ™‚

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