For Nano Poblano and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)


Today is the final day of these blog challenges. It’s been fun! At times the month seemed to go by pretty fast, and at other times, not so much. I’d say the last half, finding things to showcase on these posts, was a bit hard to do. At the first of the month, I was all…sure, I know I have 30 things of mine that I could write about. 🙂 Then, trying to find something that might be even a little bit interesting, well… I was scrambling, looking at things, rejecting them, sounding it out in my head of how it might sound if I wrote it…hahaha… anyway, I did manage.

I sure hope you got a laugh at some of them. I sure appreciate every one of you who came to visit, like, or comment on the daily posts. I do still have the list of participants, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit your blogs soon.

Thank you so much, Ra, for hosting Nano Poblano! Thanks to all the Cheer Peppers! Let’s do it again next year! 🙂


Now, for the last one…


“Please Introduce Yourself”

Yo, Hi, Hello! Nice to see you! We are the nice lady’s refrigerator magnets. Well, this photo only shows a very few of us, as we are a large, ever evolving community. Some of us are taking a break from decorating the fridge, you see.

The nice lady is always adding more, bringing more interesting characters home to be friends with us. We look forward to meeting the newcomers. When she goes on a trip somewhere, she always bring back a new friend, who can tell us all about where they came from. Some of us come from far away, and some from close by, like yard sales. If every one of us were to be here at the same time, we’d probably cover the whole door and side! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS



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    • Thanks, Emily! 🙂 December? I need a break. haha, Oh, I’ll be doing the regular challenges as usual, maybe catch up on other kinds of posts, and then getting ready for the 120 days of Crayola color challenge in January. I always enjoy your blog posts, too! Any big plans for December for yourself?

  1. Hey gurl again hehe
    I read the comments above ^^^ and can’t wait to learn more…
    I love fridge magnets I have about 4 from my friend that lives in London one is a red bus another one or two is of the police with wiggly legs lol and a phone booth ..I love odd ones that you don’t see everyday like yours too…I wanted to get the ones that have words so that you can write out things on the fridge but never knew the name or where to find them…
    anyways gurl as always Love these post of yours…
    Hugggs n love gurl

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  3. I love fridge magnets, too. They are great! This is one area where I’d say the more the merrier. haha
    I have quite a few Elvis magnets and US Navy magnets on our fridge. Then, there are the ones from places like home health and medical suppliers. I found one while I was cleaning the other day from Singer. I have no clue at this point how or where I got it, but it is on the fridge now where it should have been all along. 🙂

    I have enjoyed these posts, Barbara! What a great idea you had for your November post theme. I plan to go back and read and comment on those that I have missed the last week or so. Things just went nuts here and I’m behind on everything.

    Have a blessed week!

    • haha I agree, the more the merrier when it comes to fridge magnets. 🙂 My daughter would love the Elvis ones. For awhile she was collecting Elvis tree ornaments. … Thanks for your visits here and your comments all along for the challenge. 🙂 xoxoxo

      • I wish that I could remember where we got these Elvis magnets so that I could tell you. My favorite one of the whole collection is the one of him in the black leather suit from his 1968 come back special. 🙂

        You’re welcome and thank you for having such fun and interesting posts!

        Have a blessed day.

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