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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello! We are the nice lady’s photo albums. We are in a big ‘ol mess over here. The nice lady has no sense of organization, as you can see. We don’t mind too much, because she loves us. She looks at us most every day, flipping through our many pages…and we sure have a lot of pages to flip through. Do you know why she does this? Because, of the photo challenges she does here on her blog. She tries to find a photo to go with a prompt word, or just a photo of whatever she’s writing about.

The nice lady has enjoyed taking photos for many years. she never throws away a photo, even if it is a blooper or out of focus! She even has those old negatives that come with the older photos. This is not all of our photo community, oh no. There are boxes and bags full of us in her closet, and garage, just waiting to be put into albums. someday! There are even lots of photos of people she doesn’t know. She gets them at yard sales and flea markets. We peeked, and they are pretty interesting, too. There are also many photos on her computer and phone. We like living here, because you never know when we will be needed to come to the rescue with a photo that is just right for the nice lady to use. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. Wow now that is a lot of photo albums gurl!!!…
    I envy you with all those photos…we lost all of ours well they didn’t turn out…so all the trips/jobs dad had and we moved with him to Vermont to California and back n forth I only have maybe 2 baby pictures of myself and a few of dad and mom that is it…how I wish we had albums like you full of family pictures…Oh and ones stuck on old computers and old phones that were never taken off since the phones n computers quite working….many good pictures gone….
    You have many, many memories gurl so happy for you and love to see more of them…

    • Thanks, Suzette. I need help organizing all of them! haha I take photos out and they seem to never get put back in! So sorry yours were lost over the years. It is nice to look back from time to time. I know I have some on old phones. I didn’t even know you could transfer them to the computer until it was too late. I’m sure I’ll be posting more on here, and I try to not repeat them too much. … (((hugs)))

      • Hey gurly gurl!!!…
        Well I love to organize things and would love to help but you to far away lol so shitt outta luck lmao..just playin I would help tho…
        aw it is ok gurl it is sad tho since we don’t have those pictures and with my head injury I don’t remember much but I try..the road trips were fun I remember a few of those lol…
        same here I didn’t know at the time to transfer pictures to computer and I think I still have most of my old phones but no cords and I use my phones until the stop working I don’t upgrade every time at all..if it works than I am good for years and years lol..and the older computers one just shuts off on its own so you never know how long it will stay on to transfer to at least a disk..I did do some to cd when I was doing that kinda thing but not very organized lol..and no label so I have no idea what is on each disk…Oh also I have some pictures on photobucket the website…but I don’t think that many not ones that are worth anything at least I don’t think lolololl…
        well I so look forward to seeing more of those pictures…I can look at pictures all day long even if I don’t know who they are hehe…share gurl share …

      • haha…oh well, guess I’ll just have to stay unorganized then, since you can’t come fix it all for me… 🙂 🙂 … I like to look at photos too, and especially really old ones, and yes, even of people I don’t know. I like to look at how they are dressed, the hairstyles, and the backgrounds of where they were. It’s interesting. 🙂

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  3. 🙂 that’s good. .. the thing is, if I did get all organized, I’d just mess it up again as I looked for photos. Oh…guess it would help if I labeled the albums of what photos were in there!

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