*written first*


Earth was in the grip of a cosmic awakening. The shift in the universe was like a wave of terror, washing over humanity. People of all countries gathered in groups to gaze at the stelliferous sky, even as those beautiful stars lingered in their moribund state. When each one burned out in turn, a slight shivering episode overtook our bodies, our plasma running cold in our veins.

Much like in a penny dreadful novel, our sedate lives were turned upside down in an instant. Now we must learn to fend for ourselves. There will be no more communications between our world and theirs.

We are doomed.


*written second*


Journal entry #131

November 28, 2016

As I sit here, gazing into the dark stelliferous sky, I am compelled to make a special reference to what could be humanity’s last days.

One-hundred thirty one days ago, no one knew it had begun. Slight at first, then fast, the damaging, atmospheric waves washed over our Earthly home, rendering us moribund, even as we continued our daily activities.

The change in the cosmos was gradual, until, like a penny dreadful novel, the final episode left us shivering, our plasma running cold in our veins.

I now grip my pen to keep it from shaking, so I might continue to write my own famous last words…

We are doomed.


So, I wonder…which version do you like best? 🙂


This is for Mindlovemisery’smenagerie

Wordle # 131 … 11/28/16


We were to use at least 10 of the words provided in this list:

  • grip
  • wave
  • stelliferous … having or abounding with stars
  • moribund … in a dying state; near death; on the verge of extinction
  • slight
  • episode
  • penny dreadful … a cheap, sensational novel of adventure, crime or violence; dime novel
  • fend
  • sedate
  • plasma
  • reference
  • famous


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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