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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello! We are the nice lady’s many radios. As you can see, she sort of has a collection of us, and is always on the look-out for different ones to add to our growing clan. Represented here, we have: 2 Police Scanners, a set of 2 way radio walkie-talkies, a NOAA weather radio, 2 shortwave radios, a crank-handle emergency radio (with flashlight), and several transistor radios, of all kinds.

Her love of radios started when her dad built his own shortwave radio, many years ago. It was fascinating to hear broadcasts from all over the world. Then, she received her first transistor radio, and would listen to programs all night long, instead of sleeping. Late at night we would pull in stations from as far away as L. A. and Chicago. She even heard the famous Wolfman Jack in his heyday of radio broadcasts. So many interesting things to listen to in the middle of the night. And we were her faithful helpers. 🙂

Now, she does still listen to foreign broadcasts on the short-wave, and police calls on the scanners, and music on the transistors every day. She is still trying to figure out the walkie-talkies. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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