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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello from the menagerie! That’s what the nice lady calls our motley crew.

We are the nice lady’s rings, and we represent the animal kingdom here. She loves all kinds of rings, but I think we are her favorites. We’re cool like that. Sometimes we get to go places with her. She might take two or three of us on an outing to the grocery store, or somewhere. We don’t know how she chooses which one of us to bring along…maybe a rotation schedule, or maybe with what she is wearing that day. Oh, well… we’re just happy to live here in the nice lady’s jewelry box.

We get along just fine. Hardly any squabbles amongst us. We are 2 elephants, 2 bats, 3 cheetahs, a butterfly, another flying bug, a snail, a turtle, a reindeer (who can change colors!), an owl, and a snake. It was funny that one time the nice lady wore snake ring to a demonstration about snakes, and she petted an actual, live snake with the hand that snake ring was on! Cool, huh? 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • Hi, Tony! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your visit here. I’d be interested in hearing about TN, as I’ve only been to the Memphis airport once. 🙂 Hope your weekend was fun.

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  2. Yes, very cool! All of these rings are very cool. I love that snake ring and most definitely those elephants. One of my family surnames way back was Oliphant, which means elephant. I can’t remember if I told you that before or not. I’m good at repeating myself these days. 🙂 That family crest has the elephants holding up something, a shield, I think. Yours are beautiful!
    Have a blessed evening and a wonderful Monday. 🙂

  3. My youngest is very bling bling statement jewelry oriented. I had to share this with her and she would like them all, especially the turtle and the owl. Me, I barely even wear my wedding rings, lol!

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