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“Please Introduce Yourself”

Hello! We are the nice lady’s fans. Well, we are a fan of hers, and also actual fans.

We are part of a collection she has, as there are more of us, packed away for now. The nice lady loves hand fans and has collected us for quite awhile. She finds we come from everywhere. We represent yard sales, estate sales, dollar stores, and many other places. She’d like a room to display all of us, but haven’t the space right now. She carries one of us wherever she goes. If she feels a bit warm, she brings us out and fans herself, and whoever else wants fanning. Her grand-daughter and grand-son love us too. They have received a fan from the nice lady, too, in case they want to start a collection.

We are happy the nice lady likes us. Her love of fans began when she was a kid. Her dad made her one from scratch. It turned out really pretty. The tiny pink one on the last photo, is one of our oldest members of the fan club. Her aunt sent it to her. The little tag says: “Lucky Little Fan” … When the sun is bright and you are feeling hot, just use this fan and forget-me-not. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. Nice collection, in days gone by you, would see these fans everywhere the ladies carrying them for the hot flushes, I have not seen any for some years now, so it’s nice viewing yours.
    Happy days.

      • Well, the only plans for Thanksgiving we have is going over to my daughter’s house. She decide to cook after all, when we were too late to get a reservation at a place we go sometimes. It will just be us and them, food, and playing with my grand-daughter, which is always fun. 🙂 How about you? Big dinner day?

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  3. What nice fans. 🙂 One of my aunts had several nice ones from her husband’s time in Europe with the Navy. My grandma’s older sister, my grand-aunt Mae, had fans from church. I guess her church didn’t have air conditioning way back then. The funeral homes back then gave them to folks, too. I always loved fanning myself with them. 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend and a great Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Suzanne! I remember those church/funeral parlor fans. I think my mom had some. I remember fanning ourselves with them while down in the cellar a few times. It got stuffy down there, and the fans were kept down there to use. 🙂 Wish I’d have though to collect some fans from our travels, but never even thought of it at the time.

      • You’re welcome, Barbara. 🙂 Did your church also have yearly calendars with everyone’s birthdays on them? My Aunt Mae’s church had those. I always thought they were way cool.
        About the fans, maybe that is something you could start doing on any travels that you and your husband do from now own. I wonder if folks even still make the decorative fans? We had lacy ones at our wedding for the bridesmaids and we added flowers to them, but that’s the last I’ve seen of anything like that. Area-specific fans sound like something that would be good for those tourist-oriented stores like Bu-cee’s, eh? Can you imagine one opening to reveal a field of bluebonnets and longhorns? That would be beautiful. 🙂
        Have a blessed weekend!

      • Hmm I don’t remember any church calendar with birthday’s on them. The ones you describe for the bridesmaids sound so pretty! Great idea, too! I know, they are not easy to find the fans these days. Guess people get those battery operated little fans now, which are just not the same as a pretty old fashioned fan. 🙂

  4. 😀 What better thing for a nice southern lady to collect? I don’t have a collection, but I always thought fans would be something nice to collect. Here’s wishing you get a lovely space to display them, Barbara.
    Keep on with Two Souls in the Fire too. Sorry to make a double comment. You’re doing great with that story. Mega hugs.

    • Thanks, Teagan! I’ve seen on Pinterest there are so many fabulous fans. I wonder how hard it would be to make one myself? I should try this! … Glad you are still enjoying the story, and appreciate your comments! 🙂 Have a super weekend! (((hugs))) xo

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