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“An nyeong haseyo”. Hello! I hope I’ve said this greeting the right way. I come all the way from Korea. I was given to the nice lady many years ago, by her husband. He was stationed in Korea, with the U. S. Army, and bought this painting for her.

I was created by a Korean artist, who used only bamboo sticks for brushes. The artist was working on the sidewalk outside the base Post Exchange. It only took him a few minutes to paint my picture. As you can see, I am the letters of the nice lady’s name. Each letter has beautiful, intricate details, of nature, such as bamboo, butterflies, fish, flowers, and birds. The nice lady thinks I am beautiful! I’m happy she likes me so much, and she hangs my framed self upon the wall of her bedroom so she can admire me all the time. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  2. Beautiful! My mom bought a custom painting for my step-aunt when we visited China a decade ago. The style was similar to this but the name on the painting was “Smith.”

    • Thanks! It makes me want to learn to do this kind of art. There are some youtube videos of how it’s done…I think under Korean name painting. It’s cool how they do it so fast. 🙂

      • It must take a lot of practice time to get so good at doing it! 🙂 … Have a great Friday, and weekend! I hope the roads are ok to drive on, since the snowfall! Be careful! xo

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