Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Roofs




Fence on top of roof?


Net roof over Olympic Stadium (Munich,Germany 1972)


Underside of net roof over Olympic Stadium


Tall roof with windows? (Germany)


Looking from our apartment window…roof of Red Cross building (Germany)


Roofs in Japan




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  1. Those are nice photos of interesting roofs.

    In regards to the roof with the fence on it, does the building face the ocean? Oftentimes, coastal houses have a roof access to an area knows as a “widow’s walk’. There is a house, or rather was a house, in our area that had one. Now, all that’s left of that house is the widow’s walk. The ladies would go up there to look at to see if their husband’s ships were coming in. Here is a wiki page with more information and pictures of them: Widow’s Walk.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂

    • That’s interesting about the widow’s walk on top of houses by the coast. This one photo, though, is here in town. We are nowhere near any ocean, or even big lake. It’s in a newly developed business area, with empty fields around, waiting to be built on. No idea why it was made there, and I don’t know what the building is for. xo

      • The wiki article went on to say something about it being a popular Italian architectural style, if I remember correctly. So, maybe these folks just like the look of it. Maybe they like the look of old world, Mediterranean architecture. It will be interesting to see what this building grows up to be. 🙂

      • I need to drive back by there sometime to see what the building actually is now. Could be whoever ordered it built just liked having a rooftop balcony or something. 🙂 xo

    • Thanks, Joey! Seems looking through my photos, I do have lots of roofs. There were tons more. Thinking of the ‘doors’ posts you do, I have hardly any to speak of. Oh well, That’s the way it goes…haha! 🙂

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