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Weekly Weather: Flood


These photos are from a few years ago. We had so much rain, it flooded the whole city, and they called it the 100 year flood. It is rare we have so much rain at one time here. Our street was taken over by the playa lake we live next to, and was cordoned off for a long time, as the water slowly receded. There were ducks swimming in front of our house, and duck eggs were washed up into the yard. My husband even got interviewed for the newspaper, with a photo in there, too.


img_4426 img_4428 img_4429 img_4427


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  1. Ahh the floods. One of the least boring parts of living in Texas, eh? We had one in May of 2015 and one at the end of April this year and another a few weeks after that one in May. They always have to fetch the folks on the west side of town from their homes in boats. After the huge November 2004 flood here, some of the houses were raised up higher to get them off the ground more, but not all of them were raised. Parts of our neighborhood have flooded before and our yard gets swamped, but we have been blessed that none of the floods have gotten into our house or damaged our car. Unfortunately, one of them (May 2015) did drown our kitty Socrates and some of the puppies next door.

    Were you able to stay in your home during this flood? How cool that your husband was interviewed for the paper. πŸ™‚

    Have a blessed day.


    • Sounds like y’all get worse flooding down by you, but then I think you get more rain than we do up here. It didn’t get up in our house, but some parts of the city I think it did to theirs. Whenever a car went by when they were allowed or were able to go down the street, we’d get waves up in the yard. What I think was bad, was kids playing out in the nasty water, and there were snakes in there!

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      • Oh that would be awful. Snakes, diseases, and we get alligators on the courthouse square during floods, too. It would be very scary to let a kid play out in that. We see it all the time, though, kids playing down in flooded ditches like they are swimming pools.
        We get a lot of rain, but are always in a drought, too. I don’t understand that.
        David has a video of the 2016 flooding here if you’d like to see it. Here’s the link to the blog post with the video: Colorado River Flood
        Hopefully, neither one of us will have to deal with another flood for a long time. Have a blessed day. πŸ™‚


      • I sure wouldn’t want to get in the flood water to play around. That alligators are so close by to get up on the square, is amazing…and scary! I’ll go see the video you sent the link to. πŸ™‚ xo


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