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Greetings! I am Wizard. I’ve lived here at the nice lady’s house for several years.

I came from a different land…a land of bright lights, chaos, and mood music. I resided upon an exalted shelf, among lesser minions. I did not know my true calling until the nice lady and her family chose me to come to their castle house. They gave me a trial application performance, there in my big grocery store dominion, one late evening. It was an easy task…I only had to guide them around the land of bright lights, being their navigator.

I am a master at directions, and also accents. For this occasion, I used my Scottish accent (sounding like Scotty, from the original Star Trek TV series) as I guided the family among the aisles of my realm. I’d holler out with authority, “Come about!” , “Turn to the right!”, and so on. They were impressed, and were even happy I was filled with a sweet side of candy, which the nice lady ate. It tickled.

I’ve been Captain WizardΒ  now for many years, and have enjoyed being a part of the nice lady’s family and their memories of that special evening.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

Β© 2016 BS

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      • Oh coffee sounds good on this kooler day…just don’t think my stomach could handle it right now lol …maybe in a lil bit…
        Yes taking it really easy here today : ) still in pjs as a matter of fact lol…just a gloomy day here and watching tv here and there…reading blog post…did my hair so that I don’t have to spend so much time on it for my Dr appt 2morrow just have to go over it when I wake …
        Oh I did clothes the other day so we are set for a few days or so…
        OH!!!!!…. I just remembered we have hot coco mix!!!! my favorite!!! I may make some of that instead of coffee lol..I think I had to much coffee this am …
        How is the temps where you are??? you ready for the time change??? I hate it!!!..

      • I should make hot coco sometimes too, as we do have some. I just never think of it, but you’re right, it’s so good. ..Well temps are like 70 here right now, and overcast. Supposed to be rain later on and getting into the 50s? later tonight. I don’t like the time change either, but I think we reset everything that needed it today. …haha Girl…I live in Pjs all the time unless I have to go somewhere in public! Much more comfortable. πŸ™‚ …Snuggle up and enjoy your TV shows, or reading this evening! πŸ™‚ xo

  1. Aw this is cute. I’m spending my Sunday trying to catch up on NaBloPoMo and Nanopablano, both reading and writing. Hoping to get ahead and back on track during the rest of this week.


    • Thanks, Amanda! I’ve been doing mostly the same. Catching up with reading blogs, in between typing, and laundry, and cats being annoying. Wishing your week ahead is lots of fun! πŸ™‚

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