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Well, hello there. I am Gopher, pronounced ‘Go – ferrr’, if you please. I am quite famous. Let me tell you why.

I had a starting role in the golfing movie, “Caddyshack”. Maybe you saw that one? It also had a lot of human stars who appeared in the movie. Now, before you get all snooty, and say how can you be the original famous Gopher, if you don’t live in Hollywood? Let me explain… it’s true, I am not the original, but a very good copy. I live with the nice lady and her mister. I’ve been here many years, and they took me into their family, because they really liked the movie, and the mister is a golfer.


Me…singing and dancing


The sign I wore on the overnight mission


Me…in my dirt pile (see my smile?)

I do sing and dance on request. I sing the song chosen for me by Kenny Loggins, called “I’m All Right”. Here’s a still shot of me in action.

I’ve also been on my very own adventures. I took a safari out into the back yard,where I was given an actual dirt pile to climb around in. That was fun! It was supposed to trick the cats into thinking I was a real live gopher…haha, it worked, too.

Another time, I was taken in a clandestine night time case of trickery. The nice lady’s daughter took me to her friend’s house, had me sit in their front yard, and pretend to be a mole. They were so confused by the trick, but then thought it was hilarious.  Of course I was the star of the whole thing, again!

I spend time now, entertaining the grand-daughter with my singing and dancing. Thank you nice lady and family for all the fun times! 🙂







Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    I loved that movie… we usually watch it when it comes on TV …
    We also refer to dad as bill murrys part the grounds keeper since when dad moved to California when he first left the house he worked on the golf courses and yards lol…he has one hell of a green thumb ; ) the Gopher here play tricks on him too lolol..
    Hope that this Saturday is treating you good my gurl

    • Thanks, Suzette! Glad this gave you a laugh! We do have fun with this gopher. I’ve never seen a real one, we have prairie dogs that sometimes get in the yard, though. That’s neat about your dad! That movie was so funny we watch it a lot here, too. All is good here, supposed to rain again overnight maybe. We’re both getting over colds/coughs this past week. ugh! … Hope all is going good with you! Take care!! Love & Hugs xoxo ❤

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