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Day # 3 of National Blog Posting Month and Nano Poblano.


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Hey there! Nice to meet ‘cha! I’m a ‘looove’ chime. Haha … well, I’m a metal wind chime, and I spell out the word ‘love’, and look, I have cool cow-bells for making my music! They sound awesomely strong when the wind blows me around. I’m not one of those tinkle-y kind of chimes…uh-uh, none of that for me. The nice lady tried to take a good photo of me, but she’s no professional photographer, so it’s not the greatest. I have been hanging in this tree for a long time.

I used to live at another house, but one day, the people there were selling off everything in that house. I think it was an estate sale. I thought I was safe, but then I see a lady peering out the back window at me. She came out and grabbed hold of me, and took me home with her. I was hung in another tree, in her back yard, but then the tree was chopped down, and I was stuck laying down on the porch for awhile. Next thing I knew, I took a little trip to the front yard, and hung in this bigger and better tree.

I like this tree, and I think the tree likes me, too. Do you see how tree has trapped embraced me? It grew it’s branch all around my silver chain, and here I’ll stay put, probably forever. That’s ok with me. I enjoy hanging out here with the nice lady.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS


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