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Hey, welcome to another November of every day blog posts for Nano Poblano, otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month NABLOPOMO.  For this challenge, we are to write a post each day in November, of our choosing. Since I post pretty much every day, anyway, that part won’t be difficult. I could just add the emblem to whatever I post. I have another idea, though. It’s one I’ve been thinking about for awhile, and now is as good a time as any to try something new.

My plan is to take a photo of something of mine, that I own, and write a little story about it, in the words of the object. I’d seen something done like this once before, (sorry, can’t remember who or where), but it was fun to read. So, wish me luck, and enjoy my contributions to Nano Poblano 2016. 🙂




Hello, my name is Honeybee. I am a vintage cologne decanter. I was created by the Avon Cosmetics Company back in 1978. I look like a cute little beehive. Do you see the little gold bee on the side?  I have a sweet yellow box with a bee on the side, too. I am filled with the awesome fragrance of the honeysuckle flowers. Mmm, I smell so good.

I was very popular back in the days of the 70s, and very collectible. Many people purchased a copy of me. Then, other fragrances were created, and everyone kind of forgot about me, so I was retired. So sad… However, someone saved me from oblivion, and eventually I was sold to another. I was set on a table at a yard sale, with some of my other Avon friends. You can see the green sticker on my box. It was the price of fifty cents. That was quite a come-down from my youthful prices. I’m not complaining, you see. I’m happy to have been chosen to go live at a nice lady’s house. She loves me, and my sweet smell. Thank you, nice lady! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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  1. I love your idea! 🙂

    Although I did not have honeysuckle perfume, I loved the scent of honeysuckle when I was growing up (coincidentally in the 70’s!)

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