One Word Photo Challenge: Depth


Photo #1 = underwater fishies (all the little black streaks are fish), at Balmorhea, TX State Park. This is in southwest TX, and the water is from San Solomon Springs. You can swim in the pool, and let the fish nibble on you.

Photo #2 = Vintage ? pretty deep snowfall from 1961 (an old table in our back yard)

Photo # 3 = The snow from the blizzard that hit here last year in December (2015). This is the deep drift on our front porch.

Photo # 4 = Deep sea fishing with the alien? A life size diorama at the Roswell, NM UFO museum.

Photo # 5 = Wanna take a ride? Come aboard the UFO with me. We’ll travel into deep space! 🙂 (Roswell, NM UFO museum)

img_4288 img_4290 img_4135 img_4287 img_4286


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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    • hee hee 🙂 I know! they have a lot of those kind of things set up so you can get photos of yourself with the aliens. One was cooking at a bbq grill! They’re fun!

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