JNW’s 31 DAYS of HALLOWEEN – CATCHING UP (days 20-26)


JNW’s 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN – CATCHING UP (days 20-26) pumpkin-161650_1280

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Skeleton


Day 26 – Skeleton

img_3317 img_3318 img_4270 img_4271


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Scary

Day 25 – Scary


Scummy old fish pond in restaurant…scary fish in there!

img_4272 img_4268


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Gate

Day 24 – Gate


Gate to an old mausoleum at the city cemetery



JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Forest/Plants

Day 23 – Forest/Plants


Plant on my kitchen window looks kind of scary


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Decorations

Day 22 – Decorations

img_4218 img_3316


JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Cauldron

Day 21 – Cauldron



JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Fog

Day 20 – Fog

img_3846-1 IMG_3802


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