CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD 2016 – WEEK 42 sywbanner

Share Your World – 2016 Week 42

Time for another SYW, with questions from Cee, and answers from me! 🙂 (questions are from Chris this time)


If you wanted to de-clutter where you live, what room / space would you start with?  (And why, if you’re feel like admitting to it.)

I like my clutter. It doesn’t bother me at all, but sometimes I do try to straighten stuff up. My bad habit is to get something out to look at or whatever, then not putting it back in a certain place. Nothing really has a certain place. That’s why I have trouble finding things around here. I’ve recently been going through my stuffed full bookcases. So far I have 3 boxes full to donate. Not done yet. About once a year I go through the closet. It’s much better than it used to be.

If you want to remember something important, how do you do it (sticky note on the fridge, string around your finger, etc.), and does it work?

Sticky notes are my friends. 🙂 I also make lists, and promptly forget to look at them. I’ve tried using my note thing on the phone, but forget I have it, and when I do look, I wonder what in the world I wrote that cryptic message for. As for the sticky notes, I finally gather them up from my desk, and the drawers where I’ve stuck many more, and put them in a scrapbook. They are so funny to read back. I call them my ‘crazy notes’ because half the time they don’t even make sense any more.

If you could create a one room retreat just for yourself, what would be the most important sense to emphasize:  sight (bright natural light, dim light, etc.), hearing (silence, music, fountain, etc.), smell (candles, incense, etc), touch (wood, stone, soft fabrics, etc.), or taste (herbal tea, fresh fruit, etc.)?

There would be wall to wall shelves for books and yep, clutter. Knick-knacks, odds ‘n ends, art, etc. I’d have my computer desk (bigger than the cheap little thing I have now), and a lamp so I could see what I was doing. I’d rather have it dark in the room most of the time though, with just the computer screen lit up. I’d have my incense burning, like I do anyway, and a CD player for when I wanted some music. I don’t want the TV in there, though, as it is too distracting. If I wanted a snack or drink, I’d go to the kitchen and bring it back to my desk.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask?

I’d like to ask my great (or great great grandmother)? on my father’s side, about how she came to be in our family, and what her family was like. She was full Native American of the Blackfoot tribe. She is buried in our local cemetery and I’ve visited her grave. On my mother’s side, I’d like to ask someone from the past relatives if we really were related to Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone system. I’ve always heard we were, and the Bell family name goes way back.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Glad we got some rain with the thunder and lightning! Love a good storm, but it didn’t last long enough. I have no idea about this or the coming week. We just take each day as it comes.


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

©2016 BS


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  1. Wednesday’s supposed to be cool and rainy here and I think lightning is included 😛

    Oh I can’t handle clutter, makes me anxious! lol But if you’re happy, I’m happy. Everyone’s home environment should make them comfortable 🙂

    • Did you get storms? It’s been hot and dry here, the past little while…set a record high for the day yesterday with 94! …I’m sure it drives the mister crazy, my clutter, but guess he’s used to it. I feel better with stuff all around me. haha, weird 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your answers, Barbara, especially the clutter one. 🙂 Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves would be great!

    Maybe I can help you find the answer to your Bell family question. Email me and we can see what I can find out for you. I have some family “legend” type questions, too. I was always told that we were kin to Frank and Jesse James, which I think it pretty cool. We do have a James line; I’m just not sure it is the same one.

    I wouldn’t want the TV in my special room either!

    I love storms, too. David and I are sometimes storm chasers. It is a lot of fun. 🙂

    Have a blessed evening!

    • Thanks, Suzanne. I don’t really have much information on anything past my own grandparents. I did find a photo of my great grandmother Bell though. …That’s cool to think of if you had a connection to the James brothers. 🙂 Could be and it would be fun to find out. … Storm chasing sounds interesting, too. I’ve come too close to tornadoes though! Guess that’s why I’m fascinated by all things weather.

      • Some of my dream photo shots are of a tornado and a bolt of lightning. I’ve never captured a tornado with my camera nor a decent lightning photo. I keep trying, though. One thing that I used to love to do is try to predict where hurricanes were going to end up and which swirls on the weather map were going to become hurricanes.
        If you can e-mail me your grandparents’ names and location, I can approach this from both directions – from them back and from Alexander Graham Bell forward. I think that it would be neat to find out that you are kin to him just like it would be neat to prove a relationship to the James boys for me. 🙂

    • I always though I’d like to have a used bookstore, as I have so many books. …That would be interesting, if you did find out about the Bell family connection. I’ll email you soon, but that would be taking away time from your own family searches. Don’t want to do that. I always though it would be good to do that ancestry online thing, but it costs too much!

      • Yes, it does cost a lot. I have the absolute cheapest monthly subscription, but it is my only splurge that is solely for me (well, ancestry and the newspaper site). There’s no way we could pay a whole year of Ancestry at once, even the cheapest level. It is worth it, but we just can’t afford it either.

        It won’t take away from my own searches. Sometimes I need to take a break from my own moments of not being able to find anything about my folks and look for different people. The variety is good. 🙂 I look forward to your email. Anything that you’d like to have searched, just let me know, okay? I think that I can share trees that I create with folks that are not members, so once I get one started for you, I’ll do the sharing thing (and hopefully it will work!). Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. It is amazing to hear all the different family legends. It would be great if we could get at the whole truth behind the legends. Was Bell really a relative? Just believe he was until proven otherwise.

    • It is so interesting and I wish our people had left detailed notes and told who were in pictures. I don’t know for sure about the Bell connection, it’s just what I heard one time.

      • It is sad to pull out an old family photo and not know who the people are and what relation they are to us.

      • It is…I’m always thinking who are these people, they must be some relative, since I have this photo. I don’t imagine many people have strangers photos, except for me. I get lots of photo albums and such from yard sales/flea markets…I have no idea who these people are, but it’s fun to make up stories about them, wondering how it was in their lives. 🙂

    • haha I know! I make a list, then leave it sitting at home, when I go to the grocery store, and then try to remember what I wrote on it! … most times I know where things are located in my piles of clutter, so no problem. 🙂

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