The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 15/16


Today’s Stream of Consciousness topic is ‘screen’.

The first thing that comes to mind for me when I see/hear that word is an old fashioned screen door. I wish I had one here, but we only have the glass storm doors.

The second thing I think of is ‘screen memories’. These are memories you have that aren’t quite real. They are planted into your subconscious for some reason, to hide what event really happened. Maybe that is so you won’t find out the truth, or become afraid that something happened to you that was so traumatic you don’t want to remember.

I believe I’ve had quite a a few of these over many years, beginning when I was just a little kid. I’d sneak out to stare at the night sky, the stars, and look for UFOs. I was too young to even know what a UFO was, but I felt a calling from somewhere, to go and look. I still feel that sort of yearning to, I don’t know, go home? Sounds silly, kinda like the movie E.T., but this was real for me, back in the early 1950s, long before that movie was made.

The thing about screen memories is, you remember something, in a way that feels like it really happened that way, but it’s just a little odd, a little off. Some say you might remember an owl, or rabbit, or something like that, in a totally wrong situation. I’ve written down my dreams for years and years, and this comes up quite often. Rabbits feature a lot in my memories. I’ve read that it could be a suspicious screen memory for missing time. I’ve had that happen, too. You tell someone about what you thought happened, but no one remembers it ever happening, or that something happened that way. The thing is, they are not really just dreams. These things happened, but you remember them as having had a dream, with some of the facts altered.

Anyway, you may think this is all a bunch of ‘BS’ … hah my initials! … but that’s how it is for me with the screen memories, and the prompt for the day, screen. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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  1. I have a crocodile where you have rabbits. A crocodile, same crocodile, since I was about twelve.

    Also, I really, really want an old-fashioned screen door, but The Mister hates them. He did bring up a valid point about how our dog gets excited at certain critters and guests…so we have those stupid glass screen doors, too.

    • Wow, a crocodile! Funny how we have repeating things in dreams. I almost never read about what certain things mean in those books. I find them mostly weird. …Just thinking about one of those old screen doors…ahh and a big porch with a swing! Yeah, our cats would probably claw the screens to pieces trying to get at birds!

  2. This kind of makes me think of deja vu. I always wonder in those moments if I think a thing has happened before because it really HAS happened before but I only vaguely remember it.
    Great post, Barbara. 🙂

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