OCTPOWRIMO 2016 – DAY 11 – LIVELY octpowrimo2016c



Lively livin’ led to death

You had fun ’til your last breath

Now you lay in cold, dark crypt

From this world you’ve been ripped

You’ll rise again, once a year

All Hallow’s Eve night will soon be here

So, shake your bones and have a party

Your skeleton dance is hale and hearty

Open your coffin and have some fun

When the sun rises, your day is done


img_4157 img_4154

Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS

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      • Hope that this Sunday is treating you well my friend …Anything special panned for today or just taking it easy??
        So far I am on a uphill win..with health.. ☻☻ It’s pretty fucking amazing lol..I have not felt this good in so damn long I can’t remember..sad but true ..so I have been working my azz off everyday pushing myself getting so,so much done….can you tell that I am so happy and thankful ???? lol so since I have been doing a lot of work on things getting done I haven’t been on here as much but while I feel this good I have to push myself and by the day ends I am ready to eat dinner and go to bed and back up around 4:30 am lol …The main reason I am pushing myself so hard besides you never know when all hell will break and down in bed I go ..we need to get back to our home as soon as possible!!!!! long story I may blog about all this..olol..but anyways the guys have been working on our home while I worked on things here at my dads home…but I think next week since I am just about done here I will be over at home working going thru things getting rid of things donate alot of thing and sell some stuff too…but I also have dr appt next week and labs that need to be done and dad has dr appts too so we will see how much work that can be done with all those appts …so this is whats been going on lol…How about you gurly gurl???
        Hugggs n love

      • So happy to hear you are feeling good lately! I’m sure taking care of your dad is stressful, too. …Nothing going on here today. It’s hot again outside after that one day of rain and cooler weather. It says it’s 91 out there right now. Talk about going through stuff…I’ve been doing the same. Got a few boxes of stuff to donate, too. Mostly old books. Just getting them loaded up and all needs to be done. … Oh did you get to read the book you got the other day? The Girl on the Train? I got a copy at the grocery store, too, and so far it is really good! .. Hope your Dr. appt goes good. Take care! Sending good vibes and xoxo 🙂

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