JNW’s 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE – NIGHT  pumpkin-161650_1280

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Night




My attempt to photo the super moon



In the obsidian midnight of my dreams

Nothing, no nothing, is as it seems

The deepest abyss now rules my soul

Insanity gathers to take it’s toll

Mysterious and strange, gravedigger dark

Undertaking souls…leaving it’s mark

Entombed in it’s ebony, inky deeps

Forever and ever, my spirit weeps

The fractures keep probing…my psyche desolate

A crystalline human, myself incarnate

I exist in dimensions, my aura will show

A higher vibration, an awareness to know

I swear my senses are not corrupt

Open my eyes…wake up, wake up

Lost in my nightmare, I’m not sane

I stare at nothingness, I’ll take the blame

My love for black…it’s manifestations

Color my world, in all incantations


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{


*First published here in January 2016

© 2016 BS

6 responses »

  1. Black is one of my favorite colors, too. I don’t like it when I get trapped in my dreams, nightmares specifically. I had some very vivid ones as a child. I scared my mama half to death pretty often with my screaming, especially when what I was screaming was, “There’s somebody in here!!!”

    Have a great night!

    • I wear black most of the time, and I love the night time! I don’t usually have scary dreams, mostly funny ones, that I wake myself up laughing! That would be pretty upsetting to be screaming somebody is in there with you! … enjoy your evening, too! 🙂

      • All of my pants are black, but my shirt colors vary. I have green, red/coral, black, and purple.
        Both of us are night people and far more productive in the night than in the day.
        I only have scary dreams sometimes now that I am an adult and even those are more disturbing than actually scary. I had nightmares very often as a child, some of them so vivid that I could feel the badness that was happening.
        My mama definitely got her exercise thanks to my bad dreams. haha
        Thanks. 🙂

      • I’d say my scary dreams mostly come in the spring, tornado dreams, every year! That’s because of the one I was in many years ago. … Yes, night time is good. It’s dark and quiet, and you can see the stars. 🙂

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