19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE # 29 – 30 19-somethin_sidebar_button



Q29 – Were you into Star Wars, or were you a Trekkie? Both or neither?

I enjoyed all the early Star Wars movies. I have not seen the prequels, and don’t really care to. I loved Star Trek from the very first original TV series. I’ve watched pretty much all of the TV series in later years, plus parts of the movies. Still interesting to me, as I was always a fan of science fiction in books, and on TV.  I wouldn’t say I was a ‘super fan’ though. I’d never dress up or go to a convention for any of these.

Q30 – Reflection post: What did you think of this challenge? or a random thought post…

I have enjoyed this challenge a lot. I love answering questions, and it brings back all kinds of memories from the past. I’d like taking part again, Suzanne, if you continue to provide the questions. You have been a wonderful host! Thank you so much!  🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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