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Today’s prompt word for Daily Post is silence.

There has been no silence around here today.

Had to call a plumber to unclog the drain pipes.

He climbed on the roof, and his cable made lots of noise.

The cats were scared and ran under the bed.

All morning one cat has been meowing for something.

He has been fed, so he should settle down.

Now, there is yard work going on. Weed-eater is noisy.

Dogs next door are barking at it.

TV continues on blaring out a show nobody is watching.

I should turn it off, or put it on mute.

Where is the silence today?

Not here!


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photo of my Egyptian cat necklace (from the Luxor in Las Vegas NV)


There it was. The men held their breaths, as they ran their eyes over the sarcophagus. Mr. Carter leaned forward, a bit hesitant now, to enter the chamber where no man had been in centuries. Behind him, his companions were esurient for a closer look, as they jostled each other.

It was futile to delay any longer; he stepped inside. Taking his brambly whisk broom, he brushed it carefully along the side of the tomb, noting the Egyptian hieroglyphic inscriptions carved into the stone. There were many depictions of Bastet, the exalted cat goddess.

Next, Mr. Carter used his microlith to loosen the seals along the edge. Then, sliding the lid over, an ancient sillage of balsam and lotus lightly permeated the still air. The three men then lifted the lid off, completely. They were stunned.

Jewels glittered in the feral eyes of a cat’s mummy, as it stared into the nothingness of it’s afterlife.


This was for this week’s Wordle, in which we take a list of given words, using at least ten of them to create a story. The words this time were: microlith (a tiny stone tool), forward, futile, nothingness, glitter, eyes, breath, feral, esurient (hungry/greedy), sillage (perfume’s fragrance lingering in air), bramble, exalt.


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CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD 2016 – WEEK 38 sywbanner

Share Your World – 2016 Week 38


Time again, for SYW, with questions from Cee and answers from me! 🙂


Q1 – Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?


Q2 – What’s your least favorite candy?

This is a hard question, because I like pretty much all the candy. There is one kind I don’t care for, but will eat anyway if that’s all I have, and that is the off brands of chocolate candy. The major brands like Mars, Nestle, Hershey’s, and Brach’s, are all good, plus other fancier ones, but the cheap, off brands, have a weird aftertaste I don’t like.

Q3 – What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word fun?

Writing, blogging, reading, art work, playing games.

Q4 – List of favorite smells…What smells do you love? Whether it’s vanilla scented candles, or the smell of coffee in the morning, or the smell of a fresh spring rain…make a list of all the things you love, for a little aromatherapy.

So many good smells, and I see other’s have listed some of the same as I like!

Coffee brewing, bacon frying, vanilla anything, cinnamon toast, fresh baked bread, rain on parched dirt (petrichor), a new box of crayons, my favorite perfumes – Angel, and Night Magic, oranges and lemons, honeysuckle, pine trees, babies, kittens and puppies, lavender, coconut, cilantro (mmm fresh!), and this one is weird, but I like the smell of diesel fuel.

Q5 – Bonus question … what are you grateful for in the recent past, and what are you looking forward to coming up?

We had more rain! It isn’t cold winter weather, yet. I never look forward to that. Fall weather will be soon, but not today, as it is supposed to be 95 degrees! Looking forward to more reading. I just finished 2 different series of books, and have started another book. 🙂


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19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 19 19-somethin_sidebar_button


Hey, 19th day of the 19 challenge! 🙂

Q – What was your favorite kind of car when you were young? Did yu ever get ot have one of your own?

My favorite kind of car was the Ford Mustang. I did have one, a 1965 blue one! My other favorite was a Camaro. I had one of those, too. Wish I still had them. Here’s a photo of the Mustang. 🙂 We had it up until the time we traded it in for the horrible Jinx car.  The photo looks kinda weird; it’s a photo of a photo of the car. I can’t remember if I have a picture of the Camaro, but it was a deep burgundy, with black top. It had an 8-track tape deck in there, and I went right out and bought a Simon & Garfunkle tape to play in it. 🙂



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Warning…adult content



58th installment

warning…adult content

At the hospital, Steve went out to tell Kinsey and Terry what the doctor had said, then said they could leave, and he’d let them know when to come get them.

They’d given Ghost pain medication and a sedative, so he was pretty much out of it, almost asleep again. Steve told him what was going on. Ghost nodded, but was talking gibberish. Steve hugged him, then lay on the small couch, by the hospital bed. He was remembering the time he’d been in this hospital, after his wreck. Well, he got fixed up, and so would Ghost. They’d be back home soon.

The surgery went well the next morning. Ghost came out with a big cast on his hand and wrist; all the bones had been put back together, as much as possible. He was told he would probably have a crooked place or two in his fingers, but mainly, he’d heal pretty quick. His fever and the infection were going away now, and after two days, he was released to go home. Terry and Kinsey both came to get them.


Kinsey had gotten the extra room ready for them, too, so that’s where they went. But, after a few days, both Steve and Ghost were getting restless. They were eager to start fixing up the house. Kinsey was getting anxious to have everything back to normal, too. He wasn’t used to having house guests, but it would be quite awhile before the house would be ready to live in again.

Steve and Kinsey had hired a guy to remove the big tree that had fallen on the house. Ghost hadn’t been back to the house, yet, so he badgered Steve to take him out there.

“You have to get your car, anyway,” Ghost said.

“I know, and Kinsey said the guys got the tree out today. I’ll get Kinsey to drive us out there in the morning, ok?”

“Yeah, but Steve, how are we gonna fix the house? We never fixed a house before.”

“I don’t know, Ghost, but guess we’ll start by going through everything, and keeping what we can, then…then…well, we’ll figure it out.” He thought about his guitar…it was still out there in his car. He listened as Ghost sang some of their songs; Ghost made his own music. He sang a bit too, not liking how he sounded, though.

Kinsey came in, then, from the club, and Steve told him of their plans for the day.

“Sure, I’ll drive you out there…and I’ve been talking about y’all’s situation to some of the guys in town. Over at the hardware store, they all want to help y’all out…you know, with building supplies. I heard them say they knew some carpenters and roofers, and they’re on board, too, soon as y’all are ready.”

Steve was looking down at the floor, overcome. “I don’t deserve anybody’s help, Kinsey – especially from them. They still hate me, and it’d be awkward.”

“Steve, they offered. I guess they don’t hate you anymore, so I’d let them help, if they want to, or they may get offended.”

Steve thought about it. “Yeah, guess we do need somebody’s help, since me and Ghost don’t know how to do it. But, we’re paying them. We won’t take charity.”

“Fine, Steve, y’all offer, but if they refuse, then drop it, ok?”

“Yeah, ok,” Steve said.

Ghost was quiet during all this, but now said, “I want to do something too, but what?” he pointed to his cast.

Steve jokingly said, “You can be the boss. You can tell everybody what you want done to the house…you own it, after all.”

Ghost smiled. He liked that idea.


The next morning they all drove out there. Poking around in the mess was hard work, physically picking up broken and water-logged items, and emotionally, at what all was lost. Anything they could use was set aside. The rest went into garbage bags. By early evening, everyone was tired and ready to go get a cold beer, back in town.

“I didn’t like doing that,” said Ghost. “The house feels sad that it got hurt…that things are different, now.”

Steve figured Ghost was really talking about how he felt. “Well, we’ll repair it, and put other stuff in there.”

“I know, but almost all of my grandmother’s potions got broke. They were probably important. What if I need to take something…what will I do if I can’t find any more? I don’t know how to mix that stuff up.”

“We’ll figure it out, Ghost. Your friend, Miz Caitlin, probably has all of that at her place, anyway.” But, what he really thought to himself, was good riddance. It was creepy old stuff, anyway. Ghost can just take pills, like everyone else.

“I guess so,” said Ghost, “but, it’s not the same.”


Back at the Sacred Yew, everyone had a few beers and sandwiches, and turned in early. The next few days were going to be busy. The men were going out there to start the rebuilding, the next day.

As they prepared to leave, the next morning, there was a knocking at the club door. Kinsey opened it, to find quite a few young men and women on his doorstep. They all had on t-shirts and jeans, and were fresh-faced, and eager to tell him something.

Who are these kids, he wondered…then it dawned on him…these are my club kids. He hadn’t recognized them at first, without their black, goth clothes and jewelry, and without their dark lined eyes, and spray painted hair. They looked so different.

One of them held out a large stack of money. “This is to help Ghost and Steve fix their house,” the girl said. “We took up a collection, ’cause we love them, and don’t want them to ever leave. We also have a bunch of stuff gathered up for them…like dishes, and sheets, and a couch, and tables, and an old bed…just lots of stuff…and clothes, too.” She smiled, and then an older boy said they had tools and boards and lots of supplies, to help rebuild the old house. They were there to help, to do all they could to help out their hometown band, Lost Souls?”

Kinsey was speechless. He always knew these Missing Mile kids were truly good kids, no matter how they dressed. “Thank you all so much. Y’all are amazing. We can use all of your help…we’re heading out there now, if you want to follow us,” he finally said.

Ghost and Steve came downstairs to see what was going on. Everyone talked at once, all excited. It was beginning to seem like a big ‘ol party. One by one, the loaded cars left the club, and caravanned out to Burnt Church Road. Kinsey had made sandwiches for an army, and Steve had his guitar along. Convening at the house, everyone got busy doing something.

There were deliveries of boards for walls, roofing materials, flooring, and of course, everything the kids had collected. Steve did whatever was asked of him, from nailing boards, to holding up wall panels. Whenever he wasn’t needed for something, he played his guitar, and Ghost would sing to everyone.

Kinsey was proud of his little community – how they all came together to help someone in need. It took only three days to complete the repairs. Steve tried to pay the workers, but they brushed it off, just saying that they help their own citizens in need, and to just pay it forward someday. Steve was humbled and grateful, and Ghost was so happy and excited, he danced around hugging anyone who’d stand still for it.


Next part coming soon!

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This is a work of “fan fiction” based on the novel, “Lost Souls” by Poppy Z. Brite. All credit for the original characters, places, and some backstory mentions, belong to Ms. Brite and her publishing affiliates. Only newly introduced characters, places, and original elements of this story are entirely from my imagination. Character descriptions are a blend of the original book descriptions and my interpretation of them.

All songs included in this work will be solely owned by the original performers/writers and will be credited. Creative liscense is taken in including them in this story. 

No harm is intended toward author, muscians, or people and situations to whom there may be a resemblence.

warning      warning      warning      warning

The content herein is rated by me as being at the high end of MA (Mature Audience). It includes strong language, violence, sexual themes, including same sex pairings, religious themes, and fantasy horror.




19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 18 19-somethin_sidebar_button


Q – Did you like to roller skate? Did you go to a skating rink, or did you skate on the sidewalk/street at home? If you went to the skating rink, did you spend more time skating or socializing?

I loved to roller skate! Early on, I did have some of those clamp onto your shoes kind, with a skate key to tighten them. I’m guessing I just skated around and around the kitchen table, as there was no carpet in that room. Otherwise, we would skate in the middle of the street. We didn’t have sidewalks, at the time, and our driveway was just caliche dirt/rocks.

Later on, in my teens, I had my own roller skates. They were white, lace up, and I bought some gold and white pom-poms to attatch to the top. Every Friday night was skating night. I’d meet my friends at the rink. (our parents had to drive us, as we weren’t old enough to drive yet). It would be from 7 p. m. until probably 11/12 o’clock. Our rink was called Fair Park, because it was located in one of the large buildings located at the fair grounds. Funny, there was another rink in town, called Haney’s. Seems there was a friendly rivalry between the kids who went to one or the other, saying their rink was the best one. Once in awhile we’d go to the other one, just to check it out. Ours was the best, I think. My future husband always went to the other one, and he says it was the best!

Anyway, we had one claim to fame at Fair Park; Buddy Holly and the Crickets had played a live show from there one time. Later on there would be an occasional local band that would play while we were skating there.

Mostly we skated. We socialized too, of course, but we could all skate pretty good, frontwards, backwards, dancing what we called the jitterbug, and whatever else we could think to do out on the rink.

Now, this is a fun memory. Every time we were there, late in the evening, around 10 probably, we’d all take off our skates. I mean, lots of kids. We’d all go out, cross the big road/highway, climb a little hill, and arrive at a bakery. The bakery would be cooking fresh loaves of bread for the next day, and the smell was delicious. It would drift over to the skating rink, signalling it was ready. So, we’d all go over to buy a loaf of bread, each…for a quarter! We’d take it back to the rink to eat, put on our skates again, and do some more skating, until our parents picked us up. It’s strange to think of now, that the bakery people would even let all of us kids in so late, to buy bread, but they did.

Anyway, we did this for years. I guess when we got older and in High School, we had other activities to do, like dating, and football games on Friday nights. But, I’ll always remember the good times we had at the rink.


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19 SOMETHIN’ SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE – DAY # 17 19-somethin_sidebar_button


Q – Do you remember where you were/or what you were doing when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded? This happened on January 28, 1986. Were there any big event going on in your personal life at the time?

I do remember exactly where and what was going on, on that day. It was the day before my husband was leaving for Korea, where he was being stationed (Army) for a year. We were at my parents house, where the girls and I would be staying while he was gone. He’d just made us all some omelets with mushrooms and cheese. The morning news was on the TV. We watched in horror as the Space Shuttle first lifted off, then exploded.

We watched for awhile, but still had to get things done. I sewed new Army patches on his uniforms and later we went driving around town. Seemed the whole city had gone quiet.


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