In continuing with my many jobs of the past, here’s a list of some of the next ones I did. All these were still part-time, as I was was in school for part of the day.

IMG_3298 DSC00144 IMG_1471

  1. Crest-Line Distributors – I worked in the office here. It was a manufacturing place for chicken and hog watering systems. I believe they also did egg candling, too. Or made the egg candlers here. For work in the office, I mostly wrote up newsletters, and regular letters to customers. I took dictation in shorthand for this, and also used a transcribing machine. Actually, I think it was a tape recorder sort of thing, where the boss would read into it, what he wanted the letters to say, then I’d play it back on my own time, and type them up. I also sent out the newsletter mailers, after stamping the addresses on there with the address-o-graph machine, and running them through the postage meter, and folding them all up, putting in envelopes, and sorting according to zip codes, and bundling them all up. I also took all the received mail, and opened it all. I also had plenty of time to mess around, so I did lots of zentangle type drawings (before it became a thing)
  2. At the same place, in the same building, down the hall, I worked two other jobs. For these, I just processed orders. It was for R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and for Hawaiian Punch juices
  3. General Services Administration GSA – I was a student aide for this government job, during the summer months. Here I kept up the many notebooks of rules and regulations that would be issued every day. I also did some typing, and for something different, I got to train on the PBX telephone system in the building. That was fun, but complicated, with all those cords and plugs. … Interesting fact, my boss here knew my uncle, somehow, so he always asked how he was. Another fun fact, was when we weren’t very busy, the other office lady and I would read movie magazines. 🙂

Old PBX phone system (similar to what I used, but not quite) Photo from Pixabay


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      • Oh so glad that you had a good day and a special day with your daughter and grand daughter..oh to the library ??? I used to love going to them or to a book store omg now I feel the need to…speaking of books…we were in the food store and seen the book I have been wanting since the movie looked good it’s called The Girl on the train ..the movie looked good and others said the book was better and well i am not one to get out to often to the movies they are to damn expensive for me lol so I picked that out for my birthday along with crab leggs they had on sale and a bottle of wine ..we don’t usually spend like that but it was for my birthday hehe
        so far the book is pretty good…I am a type of person I rather have the book than down load it on my phone or tablet lol…
        aw thank you for asking well the last 2 days or 3 I have been feeling better ☻ maybe it has something to do with nice temps we are having?? it got down to 59 here woohoo ..the fresh air with the doors open…my kind of I hope this will last …I have been having so many bad days that I could not see any light at all…I am just thanking god over and over….
        I hope it last that is all I can say..that is what sux hogg ballz you just don’t know when it will hit again….but I will look for the positive..and always hope for the best..♥

      • Well, happy birthday! I’m sure this must be late, but I’m glad you had a good day. Your book, crab legs, and wine made for a super day, it sounds like! Happy you got to get out for awhile, too. I hadn’t heard of the book or movie, but I looked it up, and seems pretty interesting. 🙂 … It does feel lots better to have it cooler during the days now. We’re about the same here, and it feels like fall in the air. Oh, me too, I like a paper version of a book best, even though I do have a lot on my kindle to read. I just read one, on there, and kept trying to turn the pages instead of swiping the screen! haha … So, I’ll wish you a good evening, and a lovely tomorrow! Take care! Hugs & Hearts xoxo

  1. These sound like interesting jobs, especially the PBX one. I would have tangled myself all up along with connecting folks to the wrong other folks. haha

    I had a job once folding and sorting mail for a collection agency. Those folks were a real piece of work, I tell ya!

      • Did you ever get calls mixed up with the PBX system?

        I think the post office would be great! I love to get mail and think it should be delivered every day except Sundays, of course, and also not on Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, it should come all the other days. Mostly because I’m going to end up at the mailbox waiting anyway. haha

      • I’m sure I mixed up some of those calls I practiced doing on the PBX that time. I only did it for a few days…really didn’t want to do it for a full time job! .. I used to like getting mail, when people actually wrote paper and ink letters! I had pen pals from all over the world. Then emails happened, and seems people found it so much easier and cheaper, then the ‘real’ letters stopped. Now we just get bills, and ads, and maybe the occasional holiday or birthday card. 🙂

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