Today is the first day of random posts. I love doing the blog challenges, but want to do some different things, too. These will be whatever I think of on the day, be it a photo, a thought, a story, poem, art, or something musical. Hope you enjoy the surprises! 🙂



What is all this, you ask? It looks like a bunch of random items, and you are right.

The other day I was cleaning out my purse, and found all this in there. I have a habit of sticking all kinds of things in there, from wherever we go. Mostly to save for later, or whatever. Then I forget it’s in there. I’m usually surprised what I find later on, stuck down in the dark corners of my purse. One time I even found a live spider…how it survived in there, I don’t know, but he was a little one, and came crawling out. Yikes! But, I like spiders, so I let him go on his way.

Anyway, here’s what I thought of about all these things in the picture. I could definitely make a stab at survival, if need be, well, maybe for an hour or so?

There are saltine crackers = won’t starve, and I can leave crumbs to mark my trail

There are croutons = same as the crackers, if I feel like being fancy. Also I can feed the birds. Maybe there will be a carrier pigeon I can tie a note to his leg, That way I can summon rescue.

There is a package of eye glasses cleaner things = given out free at a store. I could at least get a clear picture of where I was located.

There is a compass = yeah, I know, it’s a toy one given out at my grand-daughter’s pirate birthday party, but hey…a compass!

There is a fortune cookie = in case I really want to know what my future of being rescued is…or I can just eat it

There are pieces of candy = root-beer barrels, actually. Those would be for keeping me happy as I wait! 🙂

So, there you go. These items were in addition to the regular stuff I keep in there. 🙂

Do you keep odd items in your purse, pocket, or backpack? Would they help you out if you were stranded somewhere?

Check in tomorrow for another surprise random post! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

© 2016 BS


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      • Yeah, my purse gets heavy at times with all those papers in there and I often wonder why I can’t fit anything in there anymore and then I see the papers. 😀

      • You’d think just pieces of paper wouldn’t weigh much, but sometimes they do, when you have so much of them. My purses tend to be pretty big, but then the bigger they are, the more stuff I cram in there.

    • Oh, napkins! I usually have a bunch of those in there. I use a lot when we eat out, so grab a lot, then stuff the extras in the purse. Salt…no, but ketchip packets yes, sometimes. 🙂

      • The ketchup packets and sauce packets can sure make a mess in there, can’t they? I wouldn’t be surprised to find a Honey Mustard sauce packet in mine. haha I also have a Sudoku puzzle book in there and some accessories for my camera phone, like a telephoto lens and a close up lens. I had forgotten about those. All those napkins hide an awful lot in there.

        The fast food places usually give us a zillion, I guess to make up for the times that they don’t give us any. 🙂 When I’m in charge of getting them, I end up with a zillion, too, because they all hop out of the thing at once. Its almost like they don’t want to leave anybody behind. haha

      • haha honey mustard! Since I looked yesterday, I found a Chic-fil-a sauce packet in there. Yep, either you get no packets, or too many. Same with napkins. I wonder how long those condiments are good for. There’s never an expiration date on them. 🙂

    • Oh, Pepsi! I like them better than Coke. Always be prepared for any thing, right? I’ve had bottles of water in mine before, and have actually smuggled in a sack of McDonald’s take out food into a movie theater before. 🙂

      • 🙂 movie snacks are so expensive! Sometimes we go by the grocery store first, to get candy to bring with us. I’m always afraid they will catch me bringing in outside food. haha, but really what would they do…make you throw it away or leave? The element of sneakiness is kinda fun though!

  1. What a great idea on the random post thing? I hope I don’t miss any of them as I have fell way behind on visiting my friends blogs. But, your first day was a hit in my books! Hahaha great post!

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