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Weekly Weather: Rain


Today’s topic is Rain. Guess it was a good time for it, as it has started to rain here today. The first 3 photos I took looking out my back door, the kitchen window, with my plant, and another of the back storm door. You can see rain droplets on there, along with some fun stickers my grand-son put on the glass. 🙂 The last one was from a while back, when we had very heavy rain. Our yard and street flooded. It looks like a brown river flowing down the street in front of the house.  All these were taken on my iphone.

img_4064 img_4062 img_4063 img_4068


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      • Yeah you can never tell from one day to the next lol..I just know we need it again..they said we were to get the rain the whole weekend but that didn’t happen so maybe today lol.thank you I hope it doesn’t get bad or to much ..Thank you for the huggs back gurl..


      • Hey gurl..
        Well we had a light mist off and on mainly on tho today lol…and oh so kooled us off thank you god!!!! it is in fact so nice we got to turn that damn ac off lol and open the doors woohoo Now it feels like fall..haha..
        How has your day been gurl???


      • Since that cold front blew in, it’s felt like fall here the past day or so. This is my favorite time of the year, not too hot, and not winter yet. Hope it lasts awhile. …All is good here, nothing much going on but the usual. Hope the week is going good for you! xoxo hugs


    • Yep, that was from awhile back, but it does that every time it rains a lot. All flows toward the playa lake by our house, We did have what they called a 100 year flood one time. The lake was so full it was up in our yard. The street was closed down for awhile. And, we found duck eggs in our front yard afterwards that had floated here.

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      • It was crazy! There were ducks paddling down the street. We watched them, and they turned the corner just like the cars do… and kept going down that road. They’d sent out a newspaper reporter, and he did a short interview with my husband, got his picture in the paper, too.


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