The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 24/16


The prompt word for today is ‘bus’.

I haven’t taken a ride on a bus in a long time. I took the bus for a little while, in Jr. High, and High School, because the schools were fairly far from our house. I didn’t like it much. I didn’t like it in the hot weather we have, and not the cold winter weather, either. Most times, our bus stop was the last one, and I pretty much never got a seat.

I’ve taken a few, well a couple I remember, of trips by bus. Don’t want to do that again. It takes forever to get where you’re going. They seem to stop at every little po-dunk town along the way. I know that’s what they have to do, but man, traveling across Texas on a regular trip by car takes forever, and by bus is even longer. I know once it was 12 hours from our town, to the town I was going to…in one state! Another time was from Kansas City to our city. The bus was pretty comfortable, for a bus, but still…

Anyway, it just came to me this afternoon…there are songs with bus in the lyrics, so here ya go! I like both of these, and hope you do, too! 🙂




Thanks for visiting! Peace }i{

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  1. I never really liked riding a bus either, except maybe the church bus. I absolutely hated riding the school bus. It was loaded with jerks and bullies. One day a boy punched me in the face and the bus driver pulled it over and gave him what for. This was great, especially since I already had a crush on this bus driver. He was one of the senior football players. All of my school bus drivers that year were senior boys and I had a crush on all of them. haha

    I’ve never made a trip on anything like a Greyhound bus. I don’t think that I would like that one little bit. I’d be the person that got left behind because I was in the bathroom when they called “All aboard!”

    Have a blessed day!


    • Not a fan of bus rides, either. That’s pretty interesting that the Sr. boys got to drive the school busses. haha crushes on them all! What a horrible thing to have happen, being hit in the face like that. Glad he got reprimanded when it happened. Hope your weekend has been good. We’re getting a bit of rain here. …Oh, I did send you an email. Did it come through?

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      • I’ll check to see if your email is here. My mailbox is a total mess. Does it say Teleportingweena in the send spot or your regular name?

        Our weekend has been okay. We’ve had thunderstorms off and on. There is water standing in the ditches.

        That boy was one that was always tormenting my brothers. I was trying to stand up for my little brothers and he socked me good in the upper corner of my eye. Thankfully, he didn’t put my eye out. This is one of the boys that followed us home one day and nearly got themselves shot. I think that I might have posted about that on PS Annie! If I can find the post, I will send you the link.

        I was in school back in South Carolina and for as long as I was in that school district as a student, we had student drivers. I think by the time I had kids in that district, all the drivers were adults, which wasn’t necessarily a better choice.

        I’ll look for the email from you as soon as we get back home in just a little while. Have a great day!


      • It probably is under my name. I’d never heard of student bus drivers here before. Sounds like those boys were a bunch of bullies. I’m sure we had some too, don’t remember, but back then not much was said about bullying, as far as I know. …Enjoy your evening, Suzanne! xo


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